I just had to share this photo

of the world’s cutest dog (:teehee: ok-maybe not the whole world but at least at my house)

Everyone please meet Ginger Spice who answers to the name: Your Highness :teehee:

Yes, very cute…:wink:

Cute mutt

Well, he’s the cutest pooch I ever saw. Your lucky to have him.

Mason! :tap: Mutt indeed!

To quote Queen Victoria and Princess Ginger Spice:




:heart: You have my vote on cute. I can understand why you call her ‘Your Highness’:heart:

:teehee: She is cute! Is Her Highness a poodle?

Yes Her Highness is a toy poodle and her AKC name is:

Lil’ Ginger Spice Girl (yep, my niece helped us name her 8 years ago when the Spice Girls were popular:roll:) You know all royal personages MUST have more than one name.


Cute dog you’ve got there.

She’s precious…and not just because I’m partial to poodles. Give her a pat from me.