I just got one Ravelry!

I just got on Ravelry :woot: Now how do I use it :teehee:

Hello. What is a Ravelry?! It must sound hilarious to you for me to ask. BUT…I just learned to knit in Nov… I LOVE IT!! I can’t get enough of it actually. Thanks for listening.


It’s a great knit and crochet community. You can keep track of your yarn and needles and projects and see what other people are doing as well.

Hi! I just got on Ravelry a few days ago myself, and have had a blast looking around. There’s so much to do/see! ArtLady has an informative thread called “Reluctant Ravelers: Join Me!” that may help. i’ve tried to attach a link, but am not sure if it will work. Enjoy ravlery - I’ll add you as a friend! There’s also a Knitting Help group over there!


I got in a while ago and just went in for the first time. OH MY GOSH! I clicked on a link for cables and the designs. I need to get my fingers working!! I always think designs are not intricate enough. Not that problem here! They are all so pretty! I can’t wait to get my needles going.

I am patiently waiting for my ravelry - how long did it take you to get on - I have been waiting since 1/1/08 and there are still 2000 people ahead of me. :knitting:

they’re getting quicker and quicker at getting the invites sent out. From what I’ve read, most people are only having to wait a few weeks to a month now for their invites. Back when I signed up, It took 3 months to get my invite.

It took me two weeks, I think