I just got my first Interweave Knits magazine in the mail

yesterday, the Summer 2006 issue. :happydance:

It’s still sitting on my desk, I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet. :frowning:

:smiley: I love this issue!! I’m hoping to do the top on the cover for my sister :smiley:

Just got mine too! There are some really lovely patterns in there! :inlove: :inlove: I, too, want to knit the sweater on the cover…but for ME! :rofling:

I’m combining the one on the cover with one of the other lace ones (the purple-ish colored one). Doing the bottom in the pattern of the purple-ish one, and the top like the one on the cover. But I’ve gotten distracted with that by the stretchy needle and sock yarn I got from Kemp’s store.

Oooh, there’s a few projects in there that I’m thinking about doing.

DH wants me to make him this:

I’m still thinking about it, though.

:smiley: I like that alot!!!

Okay…I got my 1st issue in the mail today, too…I already had one bc I had to have it when I saw it in Barnes and Noble…so, I’m giving away the one that I just got…details are on my blog. :thumbsup:

OK, this is really strange, I finally got a chance to look thorugh it, and the first 24 pages are so are in upside down! The whole chunk is in upside down (and thus backwards) so page 24 is the first one I see, then backwards to what should be the actual first page, then they are okay from page 25 on. Is that not weird! I wonder if I should call them to see if I can get a new copy. :thinking: It’s not like I picked it up from the newsstand that way, it was mailed to me, so I didn’t have a choice! LOL

:?? That is odd…I’d call them if it were me…afterall, it would be much easier to read were in rightside up, right?!

Yup, I called and they’re sending a new one, and I paid for a two-year subscription while I had them on the phone. :wink:

I got the newest issue in today’s mail too. :cheering: It’s not my first issue but it’s the latest one. :smiley: I love the advertisements as much as the articles!! :happydance:

I just renewed my subscription- I let it lapse because I hadnt really used it and then missed it sooo much. This issue looks great. I can’t wait to get it.

Re the upside down pages, you should definitely call them or take it back to the store you purchased in and ask for them to exchange it.