I just found this great book!

I bought this book yesterday at ACMoore and used a 40% off coupon from Joann’s.
It has a lot of really nice knit AND crochet patterns in it. She suggest lining the back of the blankets with fabric. Since I quilt I love that idea. I can use my fabric stash too!! Take a look…


The website doesn’t do them justice they look even nicer in the book.:cheering:

What beautiful sets…I love the all olive/darker green set pattern! How is she recommending the fabric be attached?

She says you can use a serger which I don’t have or just fold an inch back and hand stitch it on gently. Personally thats the way I would enjoy doing the stitching. The book is really very nice one.:cheering:

Never heard of a serger but I can see fine hand sewing working and I actually agree that on some blanket items a fabric on one side would be great. I thought the pattern divine so do show a FO when you’ve made something. I also like seeing the sets that have a little bit of difference - meaning that all the pieces come together but also are lovely on their own.