I just finished 2 items!

And there will be no pictures!

The first one is a large lap blanket I have been working on for a number of months, at least since before we moved in September. I made it with Homespun grape I think, on size 11 needles. I think there were 60 co stitches and the length was from my hips to my feet while I was sitting. I made 3 of these and just stitched them together yesterday. I love it, and it has its “personality” all over, there are the many knots from the yarn being attacked by my cat and from the factory among other things. And it is heavy, perfect for wrapping around my shoulders on the chilly days here.

The other was just a little raspberry fun fur scarf for the giving train at my daughters school.

Both of these were not that bad to work with, and my daughters want a blanket out of the Homspun. I just want to buy some sz 11 circs with a large size cable so that maybe I do not have to make the panels again!

The afghan sounds nice and warm! I bet that fun fur scarf will be loved by any little girl that receives it. :heart:

They sound wonderful - you’ll have to try and share photos with us!