I Just Felted My First Project!

And what a feeling of exhilaration it is!

I may never be happy with plain knitting again~ :heart:

I made a Sophie by Julie Anderson. It’s drying, and I won’t let myself take photo’s of it till it is completely complete. But I just can’t keep from looking at it and thinking manomanoman, that is so cool. I L O V E it, and I keep thinking about making one for everyone I love, and my mind is just going topsyturvy with ideas.

…kay I feel better now.

What is it about that first time you open the washer machine lid, and pull out a new creation?

What yarn and colours did you use?? I like that Sophie bag, may just have to try it…soon… :thinking:

Can’t wait to see the finished product!! :thumbsup:

Lion Wool Black for the bulk of it.
The bottom ten rows I used Lion Wool Ocean Blues, and I did the strap in both colors, plus I added an icord of Ocean Blues that will have a conch snap, (pure silver, that I picked up at a resale shop for cheaper than cheap, I think fifty cents) on the front.

We are talking a great color scheme here. :happydance:

:smiley: I love Sophie…can’t wait to see yours :smiley:

Rude of me to not give the link, so folks can get an idea of what I’m talking about. :wink:


Simple, classic, handbag. Easy Easy to knit up. I think I started it night before last. I Highly Highly recomend this pattern. She has a sister to it, that has more shaping. The Elizabeth http://www.blacksheepbags.com./elizabeth_bag.html I have my Mom and sister on a hunt for it at a LYS near them. :cheering:

Here she is~


I posted a thread in the Whacha Knitting, just because all fini projects should have a home there. :smiley:

Also there are more photo’s including our Mighty Huntress Midnight after my Sophie at my blog.


Ooooh! I love your colors!! Great bag too!


I don’t know what it is about felting - but it’s pretty amazing stuff huh?

Amazing yes,
The finished product looks so ‘professional’, finished. I really enjoyed the creation of this bag. Easy Fast Cool, who could ask for anything more?

I made Sophie, too! Yours came out great!

Thanks Jan~ :smiley:

If I had a do-over I’d twist up those handle icords more. Keep that in mind you future Sophie makers. I had a warning too, from the Fiber Fool Blog, and I even read it first, but got so excited about grafting, I just zipped on…

Next time I make the bag I think I want to twist the i-cords a few more times.


Oh well.

Gorgeous Purse! You should be very proud. I want one now! :smiley:

aaha i love the sophie bag and yet have never used mine. it is still sitting on the table, distinctly unlined as of yet…and i think i used the fabric i bought to line it on another project. seems like a mighty good reason to go to the fabric store actually. i just finally got around to felting a couple of bags that i made over a month ago. i forgot how much i love that smell in my house (weird i know!)

and i probably committed a cardinal sin and felted Malabrigo but i gotta tell you…so far it looks like the best i have ever been able to felt something in my front load! everything has come out looking more fulled than felted and i have been perfectly fine with that, but i do love that this one seems to have felted thoroughly…or so it seems so far

and i realized that i am totally hijacking your thread…(yeah it is after 2am and i am waiting for the last one to finish a bit in the dryer so i am a bit jabberjawed right now…or is that jabberfingered?)

anyway i am mightily impressed with how great that bag turned out. Excellent work!! :thumbsup:

Oh I don’t think you hijacked at all. It is all about felting, and you brought up a point about lining that I’ve been thinking about. I don’t think I am going to line, but I may figure out some sort of ‘support’ for my Sophie. In doing the ten rows of color, and the bottom in black, I’ve put myself in the situation that when the bag is weighted (with all my essentials) that the bottom black shows. I’m not pleased with that. I have some bits of plastic mesh that I bought at the thrift store, I think it was originally a kit for making one of those kleenix box thingy mabobs, if I trim it to fit, and cover it with something or other, and set if firmly down in the bottom it might do the trick of keeping the bottom stable.

That smell I think is what had Ms Midnight after my bag. :smiley: The cats were very interested in the bag while it was drying, that must have been it.

you could make a fabric sleeve for the plastic and then stitch it down into the purse so it doesn’t move. though i suppose if you didn’t stitch it all the way around little things could get under and be difficult to get out…hrmmm

That is a beautiful bag. I am working on my first felted clog and I am very excited. Good for you! Felting is fun.

I’ll get to those clogs yet! Yes felting is fun, although I can’t help thinking that my Grandmother might say something like, ‘What!?! You Shrink Your Knitting ON PURPOSE! Ay Dios mio madre.’ :smiley: I can’t wait to see your clogs Carmen. :smiley:
Brenda I ended up just putting the mesh I was talking about in, and didn’t even have to trim it, it seems that a side of a kleenix box is the exact size of my Sophie’s bottom. Incredible no? Anyway I haven’t tacked it in yet, and it seems to be fine, I may never. It works perfectly. No bottom showing whatsoeever with a very nice pliable shaping.

I took her out for her first trip today, and after four stops of errands got tired of no one exclaming how beautiful she was~ so at Home Depot I finally told a young lady cashier, ‘Aren’t you going to tell me how cute my purse is?’ She said, ‘Man that is cute, Really Cute.’ Took something out of the thrill having to toot my own horn and all. But I honestly could not help myself, had I gone the whole day and not one person said anything I would not have been a happy camper. :smiley:

:roflhard: that’s funny!!! Great bag, ISIP, and a better story!!!

is there a way you can take a picture of the mesh thingy in the bag?


Sure Hildie~ Pardon the snapshots, so unprofessional of me. lol

I can’t believe the nerve of all of those people not properly admiring your bag!!!

:roflhard: :rofling: