I just fell in love

with some Cascade 220 Quatro ,#9435. My LYS just started stocking Cascade and I went in to pet it all yesterday and this just jumped out at me. I want to make a sweater with it…do you think that cables would look weird in quatro? I might do the Central Park Hoodie or Mariah from Knitty…or I could skip the cables and just do a long sleeved “Bombshell” from Big Girl Knits.

ETA: here’s a link…

Very pretty! I’d probably knit some up and see how it looks in stockinette and in cables. It might be fine, but the cables might not show up very well. Hard to say.

That’s gorgeous yarn :drool: I think that the cables would look nice with the different varigated colors, but that’s just me :slight_smile:

I made my first knitting bag out if it and i love it!!! The colors are beautiful and it felts like a dream.

I love cascade 220:) Reasonable price for a great yarn… and when you felt the quattros, they look really cool! I’m thinking of trying one of their other yarns for one of my patterns as well.

Buy one skein, and do a generous swatch before committing the to the big purchase. Include a cable or two, and you’ll definitely see if you like it. Boring advice, I know, but it might save you a lot of heartache!