I just cant understand the pattern, and its not that i dont get the instructions this time hehe

I found this pattern that i want to make http://www.phildar.fr/boutique/modele.aspx?menu=PITC

trouble is its in french. does anyone know of an english written pattern that simular please?

i have googled looked on ravelry etc but come up with zero options.

Thank you as usual all :thumbsup:

There are a whole bunch of patterns there. You might want to narrow it down a little.

Oh sorry it should have been 1 sleevless jumper. I hadnt realised it was more than 1, the link i coppied it from was just the 1 jumper
I just followed the link, thats not the link i copied but hey, its pattern on page 2, its the top right on the screen. stoopid thing (or could just be me being blondehehe)

So you just want a v-neck vest then?

I don’t see any exactly like the one linked above, but here’s the Rav links for a bunch of them.

This one says “dad”, but some women have made it for themselves I think.