I just cant sleep

I really cant sleep but if you have any suggestions on how to fall asleep I would really be glad

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In this ridiculously hot weather, I know you’re not alone! I hope things improve once cooler weather arrives.

If they don’t, this is probably something you should discuss with your doctor.

I often read a really boring book OR I start looking through my crochet and knitting patterns (which aren’t for boring projects at all). My mind starts trying to figure things out and all of a sudden I’m sleepy.

I used to have this great college book from my historical geology class. I could read about a page of it, toss it over the side of the bed, and be out like a light.

Are you exercising too late or have you messed up your schedule lately? Both can cause insomnia!

I fell asleep right after I got off the computer into my bed, started to study and I was out like a light!

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For future reference: warm milk, a cool shower before bed (in hot weather - hot in cold weather) dim the lights and limit time looking at the TV/computer screen are all clinically proven to promote sleep. Especially the TV/computer because light levels influence the brain’s internal clock.

I work for the US Federal Government and find a 1/2 a page or at most 2 of Federal Regulations does me in every time.

I think they test the writing on prisoners. If after being forced to read 10 pages the prisoner is not begging for the electric chair it has to be rewritten.

I would not resort to medication(s) unless it is for only a very short period of time. Generally, even with the newer prescription medications, they leave a ‘hangover’ of sorts. I have finally come to the realization for myself being on the computer shortly before bedtime will certainly interfere with my falling asleep - something I also have problems with. After reading SDK’s post I now know this was not all in my head about sleep issues. I knit as a rule in the evening so am in a quiet and relaxed mode (well, unless I have made a major mistake) and sleep comes more easily. Good luck, 'cause I know personally sleeplessness is a real bummer.

I have the most random solution that works for me. Listen to the Magical Mystery Tour album by the Beatles and i just drift off!

Bore your mind. If your mind is given the choice between something interesting and sleep it will go with something interesting. On the other hand given the choice between something boring and sleep it will pick sleep.

Counting sheep, or something similar, does work, you have to work at it but it does work. Picture in your mind sheep jumping over a fence, count each one until you fall a sleep. The first time it may take many many sheep. You have to make sure your mind knows it is going to be counting or sleep. The next time repeat the process. Again it may take many many sheep but you will fall asleep. Eventually, you will start counting and your mind will say I am not playing this game and you will quickly fall a sleep.

I’ve been exercising a lot lately which makes it much easier for me to fall asleep. When that doesn’t work, I take benadryl :slight_smile: