I just bought my first

…Addi Turbo circ!! :happydance:

I had bought a cheapo, $4.99 circ the other day, and used it for a while but it sucked. The join was so bad, the stitches were catching on it constantly. I’m using it for magic loop so the stitches are coming off and on the needles a lot and I just couldn’t stand it. I went back to the LYS to see if I could replace it with something else, preferably reasonably priced, but once there and realizing that the size I needed didn’t come in the cheaper brands, and the turbos come in ALL conceivable sizes it seems, I decided to just scrap it all and go with the expensive one!! $19 :shock: :shock: Canadian, that is, if it makes you feel any better, but still. I had better like it!!! :lol:

For what it’s worth, I :heart: my Addis. I can’t tell you the frustration of trying to get the yarn to come around over a bad join (or probably don’t need to, either). My feeling is, and I know I’ve said this before, is that a needle will last you for years and years, why not go with a good one?

I looove my Addis! :heart:
I am reminded of a funny saying that relates to buying a quality item when you can… "You should always buy a good bed and good shoes, because if you aren’t in one, you’re in the other."
I feel if I have some good tools on hand, using the more economical one’s at times doesn’t seem so bad…

And I DO have quite a few other circs that are much much cheaper that are fine and I like them, but that one I bought a few days ago was a piece of garbage. Seriously. I wonder why my LYS sells them if they’re that bad??? It’s quite an upscale store so I was really quite surprised.

I have been using the turbo now all afternoon and it is FANTASTIC. The cord is so flexible and soft and the needles are nice and slippery which I love.

A question though, or maybe more of a comment…it says on the package that it’s a US size 2, but it also says that it’s a 3mm. Normally a size 2 is listed as a 2.75mm :thinking: I asked the lady at the LYS about it and she said that they are made measured in the metric system and that it is a true 3mm, but that doesn’t quite add up to a US2. Hmmmm.

I know someone that this is all she will use… I haven’t bought any but she keeps telling me they are wonderful :thumbsup:

Love my addi’s…only use them in 12"…all my other circs are Inox pearl grey or Susan Bates Quicksilver…those that are not…will be; I’m loving these 2 brands with all needles; they have a teflon type coating that allows the yarn to glide smoothly along AND the joins rival my addi’s!

Yep, the other ones that I have are inox and susan bates. They are great. The joins rival that of the addi turbos. What I can’t get over with the turbos is how soft and flexible the cord is. Really great for doing magic loop, I don’t feel like I’m wrestling with the cord all the time.

:drooling: :drooling: :drooling: :drooling:
[size=2]~in my best Homer voice~[/size]

I love my Addi’s most for the cord too, the needles are so smooth. I can’t really say what yarn they are best for… it seems when I feel a certain yarn I lean toward using my Addi’s for it. I did pick up one or two Addi Natura’s but haven’t used them yet… I am curious as to how their bamboo feels. I also have one set of Crystal Palace bamboo circs that I really like cuz the joins swivel… neato frito! :thumbsup:

I love my one pair of addi’s too. (Guess what I’m asking for for Christmas? :mrgreen:)

I remember thinking, “How much smoother could they possibly be than other metal needles? I mean, cummon? It’s just another pair of metal needles, right?” If you take a strand of yarn and loop it over the shaft and slide it up and down to feel the resistance, you can actually totally tell the difference compaired to regular metal needles like my beloved Boyes.

But as I’ve said, they’re sort of like having satin sheets. A luxury, but I also love my cotton sheet Boye set, and the GREAT convenience of having all sizes with me at all times. Having more Addi’s would be a wonderful indulgence though. I’ve decided to aim to collect a set of 16", since my Boyes don’t go down that size, they’ll fill in the gap quite nicely. :wink:

:roflhard: This is why you’ll never hear me chime in on a discussion of Denise’s! This picture, of course, does not include the dozen or so that are “in project”, so to speak. :rollseyes:

i just got me one of those in the mail the other day! This weekend i will try to get it organized. considering how long you have been knitting and how long IIIIIIIII have been knitting i am going to hope and pray mine isn’t as full as yours cuz that will mean i have moved from inspired to obsessed! :pray:

There’s a line between experienced and obsessed, and I believe I crossed it a loooong time ago!! :rofling:

that is what i am working on too! and if Mr. Wonderland sends me the ones i ordered from Ebay in good order i will probably be getting most of them from him. I did get some “plastic” Boyes from Joanns.com that i really liked when i used them but their selection was already slim and then they backordered half my set. Since the addis from wonderland were only sightly more expensive i think i will try to fill in there! now let’s just hope i don’t eat the $20 i spent…him changing his store name still worries me! :pray:

I bought two sets of Addi 16" circs from Mr. Wonderland…they are sooo wonderful! And they arrived much faster than I thought they would…I wasn’t even stalking the mailman yet. :thumbsup:

Doesn’t he ship from overseas? How fast do they usually come?

says 7-10 days on the site. hopefully that’s true cuz i am an impatient package waiter…lol

I have several sizes of Addis because my 10yoDD and I :heart: them!!

The other night we were looking to make some dishclothes for charity and could only find one #8. :shock: We looked in all our bags and couldn’t find them. She even called a couple of her friends cause I couldn’t remember if in a moment of weakness I let someone take them home. We have loaned out several needles but I couldn’t believe I’d let a 10yo take ADDI TURBOs home. :wall:

Guess where they were?! In her bookmark bag with her #3 Addis in her closet–she hasn’t made bookmarks in a while and put it away.

I think I will start a checkout system to keep track of them. That was a sick feeling thinking we lost our beloved Addi Turbos.

Was lurking on ebay last night and saw - yes, that’s right - [size=2]GOLD PLATED ADDI’S[/size]!!!
I couldn’t decide if that was completely ridiculous… or if I really really really wanted them… :blush:

I was told by my LYS manager that all Addis are guaranteed for life. You should be able to take them back and exchange them at any store that carries them.