I hope I can explain this

I joined a ruffle to a camisole with a three needle join…now I see that I have dropped one of the stitches, way back at the beginning of course…only one stitch, not a joined stitch…now is there any way to fix this without taking all the stitches out? I am a fairly new knitter and I can’t imagine how I would take out those double stitches, each on their own needle. Did I explain that okay?

I understood you perfectly. Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer to your question.

I do know that it isn’t such a big deal to undo a three-needle join. You can take out the needle, pull the working yarn just as you would on any knitting, and your two pieces will sort of separate. You can then put it back on the needles and start again.

But as for a fix that doesn’t include tearing out: that I don’t know. Anyone?

If it has run, I’d bring it up with a crochet hook, then just put a piece of yarn through it and sew it in place.

Ingrid, I like how you think!!! That would look okay, huh?


Absolutely! I’ve found dropped stitches after finishing. I would never unravel if I can fix it somehow.:thumbsup: