I have yarn with no project

i have 4 skeins (50g) of sirdar silky look dk yarn with nothing i can think of, this is stash (i had it left to me by my gran).

its a yucky green colour taht i actually cant stand, but i hate to see good yarn go to waste (also it was my grans so i feel i should use it).

thankfully theres not enough to make a jumper etc.

does anyone have any clues what i can do with it please? then that’ll be all my stash with a purpose or used :woot:

i’ve looked on ravelry, but theres nothing i can see tahts not clothes that i like enouigh to lake

any ideas please?

Can you handle giving the FO away? If so, maybe certain baby clothes or baby blankets would work?

If not, how about a toy–like a green frog or something?

i wouldnt mind giving it away, most of the things i knit now go to chairty.

its not really a baby colour iykwim. it could do a frog though, actually that could be a perfect birthday presant for my brother as he’s scared of frogs (he’s odd what can i say lol).

hmmmm will have to start the hunt for a froggy pattern i htink, thank you that was a great idea,k i love it :yay:

here are some frog patterns.



next one is not knit but is really cute

What about Christmas project?

Sometimes if you use a novelty yarn as a carry-along you can take a color you don’t like and make it look nicer. Then you can make a shawl or scarf and maybe give it away as a gift.