I have to show you

…what my dad MADE for me for Christmas.
He’s a woodworking genius, and although he didn’t know the first thing about making a spinning wheel, it really works! lol
I TOTALLY bawled like a baby when I opened it. :heart:

I also added a pic of some of his guitars. These were Xmas gifts for my sister, nephew and my son.

… give me a second while I pick my eyeballs up off the floor…

Wow, Lucky you. That is just… I really am speechless. I would have cried too.

[size=2]Can I have your Dad??? :pray: :pray: Pretty please???I could use a wheel… and a guitar…[/size]

Wow, that is BEAUTIFUL! And a plus that it works. :wink:

OMGawwwd. Beautiful doesn’t being to describe the wheel. What a wonderful dad you have :heart:

Oh my God, that spinning wheel is beautiful!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: You are sooo lucky to have such a talented dad. And those guitars too… WOW I am practically speechless!!

Silver –

I am speechless! Did he do that in Cherry?? It’s so pretty, I just can’t find an adjective that seems appropriate!

WOW, that is talent.

Wow! What a great gift! He’s such a sweetie and so talented!

:shock: What a great dad! Can he adopt me? Just kidding. My dad used to make cool stuff too (he was a master woodwoker) but he’s getting old :frowning: Guitars and a spinning wheel. Cool!

Wow, it’s just stunning :inlove:

Wow that is so beautiful! :inlove: Your dad is very talented!

Oh, Silver, what a treasure. The spinning wheel is beautiful, but the fact that your Dad put so much time and love into creating it is really moving. Enjoy every minute you spend working with it!

I am so amazed and jealous!!!

Thank you everyone. If you’re speechless, think how I was when I opened it. All I could do is stutter and cry. And I really lost it when I saw the engraving on the front.

My dad made up this little doodle back in highschool called Mickey Rat. It became his “insignia” in a way and when my sis and I were little he would doodle it on napkins in restaurants, on cards and notes, anywhere just to leave a little “I love you” note to my sis and I.

He engraved Mickey Rat on the front of the spinning wheel.

The wheel is made of Mahogany, Oak, and Ash.

:shock: What a beautiful, thoughtful gift. Your dad must be a very special man. All the hours that went into those gifts!! I think that we as knitters can appreciate the time that he must have put in making everything. :heart:

:crying: Could someone please pass the tissues!

I think you might have the coolest Dad around (except mine, of course).

What a special gift! It’s beautiful!

Only one word comes to mind… GOBSMACKED! I woulda bawled like a little baby if I would have found something like that Christmas morning.

Oh, Silver, what a treasure for generations. And the guitars too, are amazing!! Please let us know how much he knocked us all out!

Oh wow, Silver!!! What a wonderfully sweet and thoughtful father you have! :heart: :heart:

I’m drooling over the wheel, and my dh is drooling over the guitars. (He has an Ibanez, but that’s not enough, of course!)