I have to confess

I am really really not liking sock weight yarn! I just can’t get the hang of it, my tension is all wrong, my stitches are uneven. I know I just have to stick with it… but until then… :frog: :wall:

What size needles are you using with what yarn?

What length needles? Or are you doing the two circs method?

Is your yarn too loose? Too tight?

Am I asking too many questions? :wink:

Mama Bear

At the moment I’m using 3.25mm with sock weight merino wool. I think I’m going to try going down a needle size or two and see if I do better with that.

As for length, just the normal bamboo DPN length… 7 inches maybe? Working in the round, my stitches are kind of going back and forth, too loose and too tight.

I’ve done lots of stuff in the round so far with no problem, all in sport or worsted weight. I even just did a small swatch practicing a cable pattern in this troublesome sock yarn and it looks fine! All the stitches are nice and even. :??

You’re right on the border of too many questions, one more and my brain might have exploded. :smiley:

Try shorter needles. I hated the longer ones.

I vote for shorter needles as well. I had no trouble until I used some old needles of my mother’s from my collection. They were longer and I couldn’t even keep tension and I had ladders! I’ve never had ladders. I bought some very short flexible plastic ones, and they are great. They don’t poke me in the hand and I have no more ladders. :smiley: I also love my German wooden ones, and some bamboo or wood from Skaekle. sp? I hope you can find some smaller ones and try them. samm