I have the sweetest MOM!

I have to watch my mom cause if you say one thing to her you will have it on your doorstep!! When I first started knitting I asked her about interchangeables did my grandmother use the ‘vintage’ ones… She asked her friend who said yes they do save money and good way to keep everything together so I told her thats what dh is getting me for Christmas ok… didn’t mention them to her anymore that was in May/June… today I get a box of items the kids left in WV and there tucked in is the Needlemaster :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: I couldn’t belive she had done that!! I called her up crying and now have to figure out how to use them and make something special for her!!! I was just telling Brendajosos today how I was gonna have to sweet talk JD into getting them for me next month so I could do a sweater class!! She said she had ordered them and they were suppose to come while I was in the week of the 20th and they never showed… she got them on Tuesday I’m so excited :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: and thankful :cheering: :cheering: now off to check my patterns… maybe something to go with her zig zag scarf?? Did I do this?? :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

lol…well i can’t help but concur that your mother is sweet…i just knew somehow when i heard that scream earlier that you had gotten your needlemaster. i bet your mom has just been giggling to herself about this forEVAH!

Moms are the BEST. :heart:

My mom just had 25 trees planted via a re-forestation program in honor of our 10th anniversary!!! Now, I know that’s no Needlemaster, but its something WE really appreciate! :inlove:

My Parents are the same way, even if I don’t even mention it, they drop stuff off to me that they think I need and wave down any protest. <sigh> sometimes it gets overbearing at times, but overall I appreciate anything that they can do for me and my family.

My husband teases me about how much he loves being married to an only child because my parents spoil him as much (if not more) than they spoil me. :??

I have to add my own post on moms, too. :wink: Mine is 90 years old, and she is still doing sweet things for me!! She always finds something , a magazine or a book, a clipping, or she cooks something she knows I love–just because!! There never has to be a special occasion for moms, does it?? :heart:

She paid for both our kids’ braces when we couldn’t afford to, and bought them “the extras” when we couldn’t, by working as a sitter for people sometimes much younger than she! :inlove:

Now, at 90, she still drives, keeps a home, goes to Senior and church events all the time, cooks and carries food to the sick, visits the lonely…well, you see I can get carried away about thoughtful moms!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

BTW–I love my Boye Needlemaster set–I really don’t know what I did without them before. I love love love them!! I haven’t tried Denises, but maybe one day, I will!

Everyday is Mother’s Day!! :inlove: :inlove:

There’s nothing as special as a mom or dad…cherish yours while you have them and do whatever wonderful things that you can think of as often as you can. I, too, had the best parents ever, but I’ve lost them both, but will see them again one day in heaven…but, they have sure left a void here!!
Gosh, Dustinac, your mom sounds so very, very much like they way Mama was… :smiley: Parents are the best, they know us, oh, so well and want nothing but to make us happy, no matter our ages :wink: . I understand that now since I have kids. So, when my youngest (20) comes over & asks me to fix her a glass of ice water & I just kind of give her a look like…‘can’t u do that yourself?!’…she just smiles & says “Mama, yours is so much better than the way I fix it, you put in just the right amount of ice”…I smile & very happily do it & remember saying the same thing to Mama!! Life has a way of going full circle.
Cherish :heart: , cherish :heart: , cherish :heart: them, one & all, of course, ya’ll know that!
Since I can’t do it for my Mama & Daddy…ya’ll do something special for yours & tell me what ya did :wink: … that would be too cool :smiley: