I have the knitting bug!

I am working on two different pairs of longies for my son right now, and it’s so much fun! I have several friends who turned me on to knitting, and I have completed one soaker, already. :woohoo: I can see I will have a busy winter!

Hi Shannon, what are longies? And what is a soaker? (I’m in Australia) Sounds like you’re doing really well.

Longies are long pants that are used as a cloth diaper cover, made out of wool. A soaker is basically a wool cloth diaper cover (more like shorts). Wool works great as a cover because it’s got lanolin in it, which works as a waterproof barrier. Also, wool is very absorbent, and has antibacterial properties. I have crocheted several pairs, but never knitted, which is a whole different thing! It’s going slowly, but it’s looking great!

I used cloth diapers on my kids, and always wanted to use soakers, but didn’t know how to knit then! Ah well, that’s ok. I always thought the soakers were adorable, though. And much better than plastic pants :ick:.

Yes, plastic doesn’t breath! My son uses Polyurethane laminated covers, but he gets hot and rashy sometimes, so wool is awesome. I can’t wait to graduate to sweaters, etc as the kids get older! Right now, I just have to finish the first pair:knitting: