I have the best husband EVER!

Could life be any sweeter?

  1. My DH taking 2 days off work so I can go to the mountains with girlfriends for a scrapbooking weekend tomorrow.

  2. He surprised me with a new treat last night - deep fried oreos. Said he saw the recipe on a Nascar show and thought I would love it. Not only were they oreos, they were Double Stuff Oreos.

  3. When he called to check in today, I told him he received a package in the mail. Go ahead and open it, he says. He bought me a Boye Needlemaster kit!!

Someone is getting lucky tonight!

But now I have a problem. The Noro Big Kureyon I bought on ebay also arrived today. Now I want to start on my felted bag that I was going to make with the Noro. I am so tempted to take it to the mountains, but I know I won’t get any work done in my scrapbook. Ooh, the yarn is just yummy!

:cheering: for me!

Oh lucky you! He sounds great.

But ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww deep fried oreos??? That’s just so wrong on so many levels! laugh

Oh wow! Your husband sounds great! That’s awesome! You can tell him that my own husband wouldn’t have a CLUE about getting me knitting supplies!

Any chance of you sharing that Deep Fried Oreo recipe? I don’t start my diet until Monday! :wink:

I say leave the knitting until you get back from the mountains…something about anticipation?!

Awesome…he can’t have the “best husband in the world” title though…mine already has it! :slight_smile:

What kind of bag are you planning to make? I am sure the Noro will make it look particularly fabulous.

I have heard of restaurants that serve deep fried all-kinds-of-things-that-shouldnt-be-deep-fried, like TWINKIES, SNICKERS BARS & so on! Apparently, these things are twice as grossly-yummy when all melty inside! :??

May I send my hubby to YOUR hubby for some “knitting wife support” training??? WHAT a SWEETIE!

Oh…and, I say, bring the Noro with you, and call it a CRAFTING weekend!

[size=6]REWARD HIM WELL, Ben!![/size] :devil:

Actually, can I send mine as well? Your hubby could seriously teach classes!

And I (and most all of my friends) thought that I had the best husband in the world!! :heart: :heart: :heart: He is my heart!
I’m so glad to hear that others do the same type of things!
LYS owner tells me that my husband is one of a kind bc he goes into her shop and shops around, gets yarn, accessories and all sorts of goodies for me…He’s toooo tooo good to me!
Oh yeah, then there was the day he came out of a yarn shop in st simons ga with my denise interchangeables just bc he had heard me mention them!! Never mind the fact that he takes me to my LYS and helps me shop!
As a matter of fact, when I 1st mentioned wanting to learn to knit…he walked in the next day with a ‘learn to knit’ kit!!
And…he has absolutely NO complaints that I knit all the time!!
Again :heart: :inlove: :heart: :inlove: :heart: :inlove: I love that man, as he does me…obviously (or he wouldn’t take his 6ft 3 manly self into knitting shops…lol)
Oh yeah, one day he came home with a knitting charm for me!
These r just things that he does for my knitting…he’s like that in all walks of our marriage…I’m so BLESSED!!
:notworthy: I am not worthy of such a man…but I’m so glad I’ve got him and he’s got me!! :heart: :inlove: :heart: :inlove: :heart:

I saw a travelogue of Scotland on tv and they visited a fish’n’chips shop in Edinburgh. They deep fried all sorts of candy bars, using the same batter (as in- dip a fish then dip a candy bar in same) and the same oil. I still can’t decide if I am absolutely repulsed by this idea, or if my ferocious taste for fried things would groove on it. I want to try deep fried pickle slices.

Yes, your hubby is a dear! How are you going to reward him? NASCAR tickets? Mmmm, didn’t think so. :wink:

I just :heart: :heart: :heart: stories like this. I melt inside, because it is just so sweet. I love it when my husband comes into the yarn shop with me. Or he’ll ask me if I need to get something from there every once in a while.

I am going to give my husband an extra special kiss when he gets home. (I can just imagine him saying, “What did I do?”)

Deep fried pickle chips rock my socks! OMG, seriously, they’re heaven!

We usually go together anyways, so that won’t work. I should probably call him mom and get her biscuit recipe and surprise him. He loves her biscuits and keeps saying I should learn to make them. I personally think they’re like rocks. But everyone loves their own mommy’s cooking! :rollseyes:

:heart: :heart: :heart: We just did a bit of rewarding…lol… :inlove: :inlove: Now it’s back to knitting…lol…
were u talking about nascar rewarding for my hubby?! I’d do it in a minute, but he’s not into it…I would love to reward my baby with a new guitar (but he works in a music store…lol) and some ipod diddies…but he gets them 1st!!! lol…a hard man to surprise. so I send him cards (and stuff :blush: to work!!) Oh yeah…and balloons sometimes…all the guys in the office get jealous bc their wives don’t do that…and that’s a SHAME bc we should show our spouses how much they mean to us all of the time…don’t u think?!

Kelly said:

May I send my hubby to YOUR hubby for some “knitting wife support” training??? WHAT a SWEETIE!

I’m sending mine too!!! Actually he may be finally understanding. He felt all the different yarns today at LYS and book marked some Boye needles on Ebay. :happydance: ~Brooke

My Noro, my needles and My Man! Hands off ladies! :slight_smile:

understood…lol…feel the same way about my denises, my merino and my man (still voted as the best husband in the wide world…lol!)
lol…we r all so blessed, thank you, God!!
Have a great weekend one and all :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX:


i love how you titled your picture “man”

Where can I find a man like all of you have?!?!?!?! :thinking:

And all this talk of fried food reminds me of the Indiana State Fair…I love it for two reasons: Fried Food and Food on a Stick! I’ve tried it all…Deep Fried Twinkies, Oreos, Snickers, Butterfingers…‘Chick’ on a Stick, Jalepenos on a Stick, Pork Butt on a Stick…YOU NAME IT!!! :thumbsup:


that just involves a really bad image :shock:

Tastes like chicken


What a cutie! Where do you all find men like this??? What are you feeding them!!! Where do You live!!!