I have stopped taking Photos of FOs

Have any of you found you are taking less and less photos of your FOs
I know I finish something and do not want to deal with it so much anymore
I finished a beautiful Lou Hoover blanket and 2 EZ heart hats, and I only wanted to give it away, not take a pic for credit for my 4 months work
am I crazy, or just morbidly depressed, or some other malidy?

just wondering whats wrong with me (hind sight being 20/20 and all)


I do not think it is ennui, but rather a lull in interest in documenting your work. I know people who have never photographed their FOs and they have absolutely no interest in ever photographing them, that is not the reason why they knit. Personally, I take at least one picture so I can remember what I have knit and I will make some notations on the project(s).

But then again, after dealing with a project for months on end sometimes one feels enough is enough and either wants to move on to something fresh or remove the object from your site. Given time if you want to take pictures of your work than you will, if not that’s still okay too.

I’m a little late taking pix sometimes, but I usually do. We’d love to see your work! I wanna see the hats and blanket! :yay:

I actually never thought to take photos of my work until I joined this forum. Now I take Photos of all the things I work do. I don’t know anybody that knit so I love getting feedback on what I have done and also love seeing what everybody else is doing.

I like having photos to refer to later – it’s helpful when knitting other projects for the same person, or the same project for someone else. And of course I love seeing pics of other people’s work – that’s where I get many of my ideas.

When I first began to knit years ago, I never thought to take pictures of my FOs and gifted my knitted items without thought. It wasn’t until I realized that I didn’t own anything that I’ve put my love and labor into that I decided I should take pictures of it for reference. Now I always take picture even when I’m feeling lazy. I regret all those years I never documented my work - simply because each knit piece was a little part of me before I gave them away.

Im in the ‘don’t take photos’ camp. I’ve never felt the need.

I’m a lot like Susan. I rarely got pictures for many years and then started thinking I should have. Only since the computer age really kicked in for us (about 4 years ago) have I been better about getting pictures. (The on-line knitting community has been a great encouragement.) Also if it was really left to me to do the pictures it probably wouldn’t happen very consistantly, but my DH usually takes the pictures for me, and he thinks I should have a record of what I have produced and makes the effort for me. (He has been the one who took all the pictures through the years that got taken.)