I have startitis

I’m so restless today. I’m not satisfied with anything I have on needles, hooks or embroidery. I have this nice bin of yarn, but nothing I can do with it. I either have the right yarn but wrong needles, or vice versa. I have balls of yarn that would be perfect but are missing bands so I have no idea what weight they are, what fiber content, or even the producer in case I run out.

I’m sure it has something to do with the baby, but I’m just cranky and tired and nothing satisfies me today. I’m climbing the walls! DH is lucky that my check from the 15th hasn’t cleared yet or I’d be on my way to the nearest LYS, Michaels or Wal Mart.

Aww, so sorry to hear. However, it may make you chuckle knowing I have a bit of a problem with reading things too quickly and had to do a double take at the thread title. I read it as “I have startitis” only without the final i before the s. Needless to say I was quite confused…hahaha

That’s so frustrating! I’ve been there too. I’m constantly wanted to cast on new projects just to see how they’re going to work up. After the “thrill” is over I want to try another one! LOL Learning to be disciplined with my projects is a constant struggle.

thats me to
knit 1 frog three
cant get my head together
and dont like whatever i do

I call this feeling “Itchy Scratchy”…as in, “I just feel all itchy scratchy today!”.

My dh and dd actually use it now as much as I do. It’s that feeling of discontent…and nothing will satisfy. You want to do something, but you don’t know what.

It’s the worst feeling ever!!!

And here I was trying to google some new fangled disease called startitis only to find out that it’s actually that age old disease called LOM (Lack of Motivation). I find that the solution is to look at other people’s works. Go browse through the Whatcha Knittin’ pages or look at people’s Ravelry projects. It’s a wonderful motivator. Maybe take some of your stash and scroll through projects made up with that yarn.

Hope you find your motivation soon!

I’m definitely familiar with startitis! I keep looking at all the wonderful yarn I bought a few months ago; it’s just sitting here waiting to become sweaters and hats and arm warmers.

But lately I’ve had a slightly different problem: finishitis. I look round at all my UFOs, and I start to feel like I’m going to go crazy if I don’t finish at least one of them!

I had it so bad that I cheated on my Malabrigo scarf and turned it into a keyhole scarf just so I could finish it faster (now I’m a bit sorry I did this), and then I started a completely new project – Knitty’s Dashing – just so I could knit it up quickly and have another finished object.

It made me feel better for a short while. Only now I’ve got to go back to all my other projects and try not to cast on for anything new . . . No, that didn’t work, now I’m working on another sweater! :teehee: