I have "real" knitting buddies!

Well, I did it. I summoned up the courage to call two gals from our Enlisted Wives Club and asked them if they wanted to learn how to knit with me. And they said yes!

I’m on cloud nine!!! Man, I was nervous about calling, afraid I’d sound like a big dork but it went OK for the most part and I almost didn’t inadvertantly say something totally stupid!

Could this become a huge knitting group? It’s possible!

The gals are coming over Thursday @ 1 p.m. and I am oh SO excited!

Wish us luck…


[color=blue]GOOD LUCK!![/color]

Do let us know how it goes … :slight_smile:

I will! I’ll have a full report ready.

Any idea what kind of snacks I can serve that won’t make our fingers and knitting sticky?

Hmmm… you could have …

Fruit chunks … cheese pieces … both served via toothpicks …
Veggies and Dip is fairly neat, provided the veggies are given enough time to dry after rinsing them.
Smoothies are pretty good too b/c you could use spoons to snack instead of fingers :wink:

Just a thought …
Good luck!

Great ideas, Thanks a bunch~

Good for you… Would like to see pictures of your group if posssible.

I sure will take pictures and post them on the craftporn blog!

Only three of us so far, but it sure is a start!


Denise, that’s great! There’s nothing like sitting down with other knitters and sharing that. It’s addictive. Hopefully you’ll get them hooked! :slight_smile:

Have fun!

I’m sure we will have lots and lots and lots of fun!

Thanks, Amy!

Well congratulations! That’s so great and I can’t wait to hear how it goes.

Wish I knew people interested in knitting! Most people who know that I knit just nod their heads and then change the subject :frowning:

Which is why I’m so glad for the internet and this forum!!

Heh, I feel the same way. When people find out I knit, generally their response is, “Really? That’s neat. What are you knitting? So anyway, then I said to him…”

I’d delight in some knitting fans I could chat with face to face.

However, all you digital faces are a perfect subsitute.

Oooooooooh what fun Denise! I live in a very small rural town and have often considered posting a flyer at our local grocery store looking for knitters who would like to form a group. Hmmmmmm, your story just may have given me the nudge I needed to that!
And for another easy, non-messy finger food, how about a bowl/s of yogurt covered nuts?
Have fun!

Another great idea…thanks!

I think posting the sign would be a great idea! nudge hehe

I totally agree! I recently found and met with a local knitting group. When I told my mother about it, she said, “So what did you do?”

ekgheiy: "We sat and knit."
Mother: "And that’s all?"
ekgheiy: "Well, no that’s not all. We began by introducing ourselves. Of course, we talked about knitting. But the conversations would inevitably spiral away from knitting."
Mother: "But basically you sat around knit."
Exasperated ekgheiy: “You just don’t understand!”

My dear mother doesn’t have a hobby, so I don’t think that she’ll ever understand. Only those who have hobbies would understand of purpose of a [size=6][[/size] fill in the blank w/ a hobby [size=6]][/size] Group

Right on!

You’re going to have a great time foldedbird. I’ve been going to my local StitchNBitch for a few months now. But we ‘only’ meet twice a month, so I come here to get my knit-social fix. There’s nothing like knitting with others actually in the same room tho.

Tommorow is the big day! I still have a lot of cleaning to do…I’m such a slob! I’m knitting up some test swatches to show the girls and stuff like that. I can’t wait, I’m soooo excited!!!

14 hours to go. I’ll take pictures and give you guys all the details tommorow evening~!


[size=6]bump …[/size]

Well … how’d it go?? :slight_smile:

It didn’t :frowning: The girls had some extenuating circumstances and we have to reschedule. I’m so bummed!

Oh no!!! After all your work and excitement!!! :frowning: Hopefully it will “go” next time!