I have nothing to knit


What is a girl to do???

I have given up on my hat for now. I think I need to buy some 16 inch circs for it. :rollseyes:

I have nothing lined up. I made a bad ARSE (simple) scarf in about an hour with my thrift store yarn and size 50 needles. I need a flapper- esque hat to match.

It is nap time… I guess I am going to have to resort to cleaning my house :help:

Hey, me too! I’m in between knitting projects and not happy about it. By the way, your toddler poncho was so cute, and the model is a knockout. I think red hair is gorgeous. :smiley:

Anyway, there is a gorgeous flapper type hat pattern available on Marnie’s site: http://marniemaclean.com. Click on the “knit” box at the top of the page. The flapper hat is in the upper right corner. Also, there are some gorgeous free patterns. I like the one that is 2nd from the left on the top row. She designs beautiful things.

Hope you find a project.


I saw that pattern and love it… and it is the look I want, but the yarn I have is SUPER bulky. :frowning: