I have no clue what i did

So I’m working on my modified booga bag… i’m onto my 3rd color change/strip and just knitting away, when i release it’s looking like garter stitch on the outside! so 2 lines of colors are stockinette stitch, but the color yarn I’m on now is garter stitch! What on earth did it do? and how can i fix it? I don’t care if I have that little bit in garter stitch… but how do i switch back? d’oh!

well it is going to depend…the immediate answer would be to start purling instead of knitting and it would go back right away. but the question is how did you get there. I would guess when you put it down at some point you probably turned your work and started knitting the other direction. Your working yarn should be coming from the right.

Since the booga is worked in the round, it sounds like you are working from the wrong side. When knitting with circs, the points of your needles should be closest to you. The cord, and your work should be further away and below. Clear as mud?

that must be my problem! my needles are closer to me, not farther away!

no no wait…points should be near you…cord away.

oops, that’s what i meant. smacks forehead sometimes i swear i say/type the opposite of what i really mean!