I Have Knitter's Block!

[FONT=“Georgia”][B][I][COLOR=“Navy”]Hey all,
I currently have a ‘Bed Of Roses’ shawl on my needles. Commencing row 53 of 196. For me, the shawl has some new-ish skills for me (knitting in the round) plus the pattern changing regularly, and on top of this it is a gift for a very fashion conscious close friend who is also an artist and has a degree in textiles (fabrics and knows how to knit and crochet!). And on top of that has no quams about being very, very direct! So the pressure is on!

Recently I have been having a busy period where I just wanted to eat, sleep and do next to nothing to recharge my batteries. As a result I havent had any energy to knit. I just see the knitting as a long long process at the moment and that saps my motivation to continue even more.

So, help! I have knitters block. I need a solution!!!


Start a FUN no-brainer. I always have a project going that is so easy I could knit it in the dark.
After my surgery, I couldn’t concentrate on the sweater I had going before I went into the hospital, but I couldn’t just watch TV, either, so I started a simple shawl in seed stitch. I can pick it up or put it down anytime and knit while watching TV.
I also have a more complicated project that requires concentration. I work on that one when there are no distractions and I feel energized.
In your case, since you have a deadline, I’d suggest calculating how many rows you need to do per day to get it done in time, then add a margin for error. Part of your problem may be that you’re overwhelmed by how much you have left to do. Meeting a much smaller daily quota may help. (Hmm–that’s a cure for writer’s block, too.:wink: )
Good luck! :hug:

I sense that the JOY of knitting this shawl has grown dim.

You [I]emphasized[/I] your friend’s qualities. Could these qualities be sapping your JOY??

You’re knitting away, out of love, with no assurance that she will appreciate it, or worse, that she [I]could be[/I] the sort that would [I]point out ‘flaws’ she sees in it. [/I]

All of us knitters have suffered the same angst. And many of us HAVE gifted a knitted item that wasn’t received very well.

Focus on [I]your end [/I]of this shawl. Knit with love, gift the shawl
…and let the chips fall where they may!

You never know…she might be brought to tears that anyone would take such time and love to make something like this [I]for her.[/I] Everyone else she knows might be too afraid.

[COLOR=Blue]You are a great friend, and a wonderful knitter![/COLOR]

[FONT=“Georgia”][B][I][COLOR=“Navy”]Hey all,
Thankyou CountryNaturals and ArtLady1981 for your responses. Both are very good and helpful replies!

My friend actually requested I make a shawl for her. So I very much doubt that she would see it in a negative way! Other than its not finished. I just underestimated how long it would take to knit an ever increasing row of decorative knitting in the round!

Ironically I just needed to refocus my mind on knitting (e.g. knitting forum) and a relaxing evening watching a few programmes with a small light to see my knitting!
Fingers crossed tonight is as productive!