I have knitted a hat and it doesnt look like a pumpkin yey!

This is a hat I made in one day. When I should have been tidying up. but I am quite proud of it. It is for my friends baby who is due very soon.
It was made with double knitting wool and white eylash yarn. what do you think?

Very cute, great job! :thumbsup:

:happydance: It’s too, too cute :smiley:

that’s adorable!


Looks so touchably soft!

It looks so soft! Great Job!

Great job! :thumbsup: It looks so soft!

That will be one smart looking baby! :smiley:

An angel hat! Very pretty! :thumbsup:

:cheering: thats really cute!!! I need to attempt another hat my first didn’t go to well… so I haven’t tried another… :smiley:

thankyou so much for your comments you are so kind.
It was a simle hat to make to be honest, I cast on enough stitches to make 12 inches and plain knit for a few rows and then joined on the eyelash yarn. I knit strraight for 5 inches and then (k2. k2tog) k2 for a row knit the next row and (k2 k2 tog) k2 across again. kept doing that until it was about 6 stitches and sewed it up.
simple but impressive me thinks . xxxx

You thinks right! It looks like one of those coconut snowballs, only cuddlier–just adorable! That was much more satisfying than cleaning up, I’m sure! :thumbsup:

Knitting is always more rewarding than tidying lol. i think knitting keeps me sane xxx

Sooo adorable!

Great job! :thumbsup:

That’s adorable! :inlove:

And to think, you could use different colored fun fur for it too :slight_smile:

Here are some I made earlier with different colours I made these in just funky fur yarn they drove me crazy. the grey one was turned into wiffle worn by my dbf (he would be upset
me using this pic lol)
this is the Wiffle I made with the grey hat[/img]
and last but not least here is a black one worn by the lad next door.
aren`t I lucky I have tolerant men to wear my bizarre objects lol. :XX: [/img]