I have hat pictures on Flickr!

I finally got around to downloading my hat pictures onto my computer and organizing them. I even got a Flickr account. Next thing you know I’ll have a knitting blog!

Here they are:


Please be kind in your critiques.
Thank you.


Those are great hats! :yay:

Wow, what an amazing selection. Cannot choose favorite, they all look great.

They all look great! I am partial to the red and black roll brim one. It’s fabulous. Great job!!!

Wow that’s a LOT of hats! Great work!

I have more hats to photograph and load on my computer. I’ve got a mini-trunk full of them.

Oh, and I am SUCH a dolt! I saw your flickr pics then went and posted the pic asking if anyone knew the pattern!
(In my defense, I just got put on some weird medication yesterday and I’ve been in total brain fog since.)

By the way, your hats look great!

You’re in a brain fog? The other night when I opened my Flickr account I was in a fog. I uploaded the first set of photos (50 of them) and then Flickr tells me to write a description. I was up until 2 the next morning describing them. I thought that that was my one and only chance to do this and I wasn’t going to bed until it was done. I was really out of it the next day.

Those are really awesome!

Wow, very nice work. Impressive. :thumbsup: