I have good news and I have bad news

The good news is that I managed to complete a hat and it actually looks good!! It only took me a few hours to complete it, too! I’ve had lots of comments on it…

The bad news? The hat was [I]meant[/I] for me, but actually [I]fits[/I] my 3 month old daughter!! :shrug:

I must have followed the pattern wrong when it came time to do the decreases… I dunno!!

I thought that it might be a little bit off in size (oops, I kind of didn’t bother to do a gauge swatch), but I didn’t expect it to be THAT far off. looks sheepish The pattern said “to fit an 18” to 21" head – and my head is about 20" around.

Eh… no biggie. At least my daughter can wear it. No idea what I did wrong, though. LOL

aw- how frustrating!!! that gauge swatch is important… maybe you should have used a bigger hook? hope you get it figured out so you can make another!

My first crochet hat was the same. I know I’m a tight knitter, so I must be a tight crocheter too:shrug:. I’m not totally comfortable with crochet swatches yet and how to measure them and all that, but I know for sure that I’ll be going up hook sizes in the future.

Oh too bad…well the good news is now you can make one for you and you’ll have matching mommy/daughter hats. :slight_smile:

Essence … if your discussing the Skull Cap Patt ::
first off … there was NO gauge swatch to that pattern.
2nd… it sounds as if you do crochet tight, when you do attempt the pattern again. Try it with the I hook instead of the G hook. And see how you feel about that ok.
That patt is made to be on the tight side too. So it will give the appearance of being tighter than it should be.

I read where they said on here to do up a swatch of the stitches so that you know what your lookin at.
Once you have done a swatch of each of the stitches individually, do a couple of swatches mixing them to where you feel comfortable with that too.
In doing your swatch makin you can always do them the size for coasters.