I have flipped over this hat and I HAVE TO MAKE IT. But how?

Well. This wonderful Russian woman out in Greenpoint Brooklyn has opened this shop that is just incredible. It’s stark and emptyish & in the middle of nowhere but full of beautiful knits. She had this hat on display and I put it on and now I have been trying to make it. (couldn’t afford it) But mine looks weird and I don’t think it’s going to turn out like hers.

It’s almost like a doll bonnet or something, it’s just shaped unusual. The back is a bit longer than the front. It looks moreso in person than in this picture. Very very old fashioned, like 1930s Russia.

Here is the link. Am I being silly and this is really easy to make?
(I’ve made a lot of hats) Check out some of her other stuff too, realy gorgeous simple luxurious knits. (I might go back and ask her for a pattern)


oh dear. nobody knows. :verysad: well, I found out it’s a “helmet” type hat so maybe I can go from there.

Yeah, sorry. I did look, but didn’t find with the seams/decreases like that. It looks sort of like a helmet/bathing cap and I also found that the terms aviator and pilot are useful for searching as well.

thanks Jan (can always rely on you for an opinion!)

I just found this… not the same but sort of.

I actually saw that hat and almost posted it, but wasn’t sure. I think if you make the area under the ears more rounded it will be more cap like, too.