I have finally arrived!

I am going back to college starting in a few weeks and figured that I better organize my mess of a room now or I’ll never find time. So I enlisted my BF to help and we got to the point of organizing my yarn, which up to this point has been in one big plastic container, my closet and various bags that they were bought in on top of the big plastic container. My BF has always been supportive of my craft, and still is. He has never questioned my coming home with yarn, but after last night he said. “OK. You have enough yarn. No more buying yarn for a while ok” I laughed and told him “That just means I finally have a real stash” He didn’t understand. :roflhard:

:woot: YAY on your stash!!

My husband is the same way he always supports it…and doesn’t say a word but he had the same thoughts last year when I decided to pull it out for pictures…then he became a little concerned but forgot all about it…

till last night when I was trying to make a yarn decoration with my sock yarn…he wondered if you have enough to put out like that, then do you [I]really[/I] need anymore :oo:

WELCOME to yarn heaven! :slight_smile: My DH doesn’t mind the collecting of yarn, but he’s getting a bit tired of it being ALL over the house. He keeps asking me what kind of piece of furniture he can buy me to keep it all organized. :slight_smile:

Hi, Carey! :waving:

I actually had to buy a cabinet for my yarn, it was following me EVERYWHERE around the house!

I got a Sauder brand 2 door cabinet. It has one long shelf inside across the top and then it’s divided down the middle with three adjustable shelves on each side. STASH HEAVEN!!!

I got some inexpensive canvas bins from Wally-Mart and started organizing! What a relief!!! Now I know where everything resides in its labeled (YES, LABELED!) bin and all my needles and gadgets have their own shelf!

The only thing is that, with the doors closed, I think the yarn breeds in there because I’ve had to use a separate chest for some of the larger acrylic skeins. I couldn’t have possibly bought more…nah, impossible! Well, maybe… :slight_smile:

But the bottom line is that I find I’m so much more productive with everything right at hand. Projects are moving right along and anything that’s “in progress” can be bagged and put right on the “in progress” shelf! It’s heaven!

So maybe you can take your husband’s offer to find something to organize and store your stash in. After all, yarn is nice and squishy and will compress when you need to stuff more in a bin or shelf! And then, too, space bags come in handy, the kind where you use your vacuum to suck out all the air!!! :slight_smile:

So have fun with your organization and watch out for the breeding potential of the yarn!

And Evona - congratulations on building your stash!

Happy knitting,
Ruthie :hug:

LOL Breeding potential of the yarn! :slight_smile: That’s definitely what’s happening with my yarn! I have it in those big ziplock bags in a rubbermaid tote at the moment… oh yeah, and some in a couple of dresser drawers, and some in my project area… :slight_smile: Oh well, I’m getting there. I’m not sure I have room for an actual piece of furniture at the moment, but I’ll keep my eye out. :slight_smile:

:roflhard: at the breeding potential of yarn. I totally think my yarn breeds too. I couldn’t possibly have gone to the yarn store that many times :wink: My BF said “You have more yarn in HERE???” when I opened up a box at the bottom of the closet. I had forgotten about that box actually and was really excited to have found the yarn :teehee: I bought a plastic 6 drawer storage thing-a-majig. The first 3 drawers are not as deep and I used them for my needles, buttons, notions and sock yarn. The other 3 drawers are deep so I used them for bigger skeins and bulky yarn. I also have a big rubbermaid tub full of yarn, but I forget whats in there so I want to get another of those clear plastic containers for them. I still have a few bags here and there and of course there is the never empty project bag that actually has 2 projects in it now and a few baskets with projects in them too :stuck_out_tongue:

My hubby can’t give me a hard time about all my yarn without me giving him a hard time about all his art supplies. It works out pretty well. :slight_smile:

Congrats!!! A stash of yarn is like having a cabinet and freezer full of food. It just makes you feel good, doesn’t it? LOL

Totally agree :wink:

A piece of furniture to store my yarn in, what a great idea! When we get done finishing off our basement, I think I will have something available to use. I thought about space bags, but I was worried that if the yarn would be too easy to buy pass if I had it all squished up in a bag. Congrats on having "stash disease."

I have a magazine called Mary Janes Farm that has an easy to make storage unit. I will have to look at that when I go home and report back to you guys :slight_smile:

Aren’t huge stashes of yarn the most glorious thing you’ve ever seen??? My husband’s eyes glazed over after he went into the Bass Pro Shop here for the first time, just like mine did at our LYS (that unfortunately closed a few months ago). There’s still a small yarn shop downtown, but the supply is limited. What can I say?? We both have our vices/hobbies :teehee: . At least what we do is legal.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]My stash has just begun… I’ve only got 3 bags full in my ‘studio’ and a large basketful in the frontroom but today I bot 7 balls of yarn so I could begin a pompom papoose… LOL!
So that makes another bag full of yarn… (smile)
Made the mistake of taking my dh with me… he didn’t say much but I’m thinking, next time I go alone… heehee!
I have a lovely full closet in my little ‘studio’ here but I’m afraid the shelves are all taken up with buttons and fabrics…
I must have about 10,000 buttons - was going to do a lot of hot glueing with them but then knitting came along and they’ve been put on hold for a while…
No wonder hubby rolls his eyes…
On the other hand, he’s always bored - newly retired, doncha know! and nothing to do with his time.
I’ve offered to teach him to knit… but he’s not bored enough yet, I guess… LOL!:wink:
To Knit to not to Knit, that is the question…

WIP: pompom papoose[/COLOR]

I love baskets and have quite a few of them. They used to collect dust, now they collect yarn. I SWEAR I don’t know where it all comes from! :aww:

Fortunately, when I came home on Monday and admitted to a $40.00 ‘indescretion’ (at Yarn Garden in Portland) my DH was very understanding. :heart:

My old dog, Maddie, that I’m always talking about, is literally on her last legs, so I’m going to be sending a bunch of her fur (she’s double coated) to a woman to make several skeins for me. What could be a better tribute to Her Loyalness then for her knitterly mom to have some of her in skein form. Guess I’ll just have to buy another basket for it.