I have Boye Needlemaster, but pattern requires 16 inch circs

Hi everyone,

I only own the Boye Needlemaster but the Harry Potter scarf pattern requires 16 inch circulars. Is there any way I can manage this with what I have (smallest in the set is 20 inch circular) or am I going to have go buy a whole set of 16 inch circulars? Thanks everyone.

do you mean the cable is 20 inches long??? in that case … NO you don’t have to buy a extra needle. That is the MINIMUM lenght you will need to accomodate all the stitches… 4 inches isn’t too long past 16’ ( unlike using a 24" cable) all the cable is doing is allowing you the extra room to accomodate a large number of stitches :hug:

umm… is the harry potter scarf worked in the round? If so, then you probably don’t want to use a 20" cable. It’ll probably be too long and your stitches won’t fit around.

Are you doing the pattern from atypicallyknit? If so, I’ve knit 4 of those (one for each house) and for 3 of the 4 I used my 24" circular from my Knitpicks Options needles and it was fine.

20 inches will stretch the stitches too much most likely. A set of Addi Turbos would be perfect for this.

I made it on 4 double pointed needles, and it worked fine.

what about magic loop or 2 circs?

It really depends on how many stitches you cast on. I’m pretty sure I had extra room on my 16" needle, so you might be okay. I think if you just try it, you’d notice pretty quickly if it weren’t going to work out.