I have been awful

lately about working on my knitting projects. I type 8+ hours a day and at night I’ve got to where I’m about too tired to do much of anything. For a while, I’d take a break and knit a few rows during the day while I was working, but I’ve even stopped doing that. I promised one of my girlfriends that I’d make her daughter a scarf and it wouldn’t take all that long to finish, but here I sit. Shoot, it may be July before I get done. LOL!

It’s supposed to get kinda cold and rainy towards the end of the week, maybe I can work on it some then.


I’m in a bit of rut too. One of my resolutions was to have no more than 2 projects going at a time, and to finish what I start. Well now I have a shrug that seems like it’s going nowhere and another sock waiting to be started to complete the pair and I just can’t into either one. It’s been 2 days since I even picked up the needles.:aww: I’m thinking I may break my resolutions and start up a nice quick project, instant gratification anyone?:teehee:

I know what you mean. I went through one of those last year around this time. I think small projects are best at this time, like dishcloths, or a hat. Just so you can get a “fix”!

Don’t feel bad about it. Sometimes ya just need a break. I’ve been home since Friday and haven’t picked up my knitting once. I’ve been too busy resting.

I think all of you 9-to-5 working girls (and guys) who also find time to knit even one stitch per day ARE WONDERWOMEN & SUPERMEN!

It is hard to knit when your eyes barely focus! :eyes:

Why not save your knitting for one delicious hour on Sunday morning? Something like that! If you go to church early, then either get up one hour earlier to knit “in peace and quiet”, or schedule your hour for later in the day!

If you knit for one hour per week, the scarf will be done in no time!

Don’t knit mid-week anymore. It’s too discouraging.

Let it be your treat to yourself on Sunday! :knitting:

You must be psychic! I was [I]just[/I] thinking of posting about this. With all that’s going on, I just can’t find it in me to pick up my knitting. Normally, knitting relaxes me and helps keep my hands and brain busy so I don’t think about all the stuff that is bothering me but right now, for some reason, I just can’t stay focused. I’ve even tried starting some mindless knitting projects, like a dishcloth, a hat, and a garter stitch scarf but none of them have helped. I either pick a project up and then put it down after only a few moments without knitting a stitch or after knitting just a few stitches. It’s so frustrating!

Tell me 'bout it. I can barely get 4 rows done sometimes.

I think this happens to everyone from time to time. I had a moss stitch throw just sitting in a bag untouched for the longest time. I decided I’d get it out, and finish it up for a Christmas gift, and when I spread it out to look at it, I thought, “wow! I forgot how much I like this.” lol

A month after I learned to knit I got in a rut and was afraid I’d never do it again. I guess I just needed a break and then I MADE myself start again in like 2 weeks because I was scared to death I would forget how to do something but it came back to me thank God. That’s so funny “so you can get a fix”. lol. I hope you all get out of your rut. Maybe you all just bought too much yarn or patterns. lol. Isn’t it weird how humans are? I don’t know about you all but when I get into a hobby I want to buy everything I can to do the projects and then as soon as I’ve spent alot of money on all the stuff I want I instantly start getting out of the mood to do it for a while. Maybe it was the feeling of having something to look forward to and then when you have a surplus you’re spoiled and don’t have anything to look forward to…hence the fact that ALOT of rich people have everything and are miserable. I certainly don’t have enough money to do this but a lady I met was talking about how she does this and she said when this happens she gives her yarn away and starts fresh at buying just enough for a couple projects at a time and this helps her. I’d never be able to give up my yarn on my budget and I’m certainly not implying that this is what is going on with you all…don’t take me wrong. I just thought I’d share. I’m the weirdo. lol. :slight_smile: Good luck everybody. Oh, and my doggy Lucky says hey !
bye :slight_smile:

AngelLeah, first of all your dog, Lucky, is a doll. Give him a hug. I have just begun knitting again after more years than most of you have been alive, AND I’ve been trying very hard NOT to repeat what I have in the past with fabric. I also sew and have a small yardage shop in a closet, some of the fabric dating back a number of years, also patterns galore. For the past couple of years I have felt burned out with sewing, thus last fall decided I really DO love working with my hands and creating and took up knitting again. I am pledging to myself not to over buy too much yarn as I don’t want this to happen. One can become confused about what to start, tire of the project, begin another and so on. As that tired old saying goes,“been there, done that.”

I’ve been a little bummed about my knitting lately too. But I think it’s just because my friend wants me to knit her a scarf and a poncho and she picked the most horrendous, obnoxious yarnin the free world (colors: scarf is Earth Shades, poncho Westport Shades). I hate working with it, I’ve had to start and then frog the dang scarf about a dozen times because I keep adding stitches somewhere… the yarn makes it neigh to impossible to see individual stitches. :wall:

I promised her I’d get them both done soon, so what do you do? :roll:

I think we may be suffering from cabin/spring fever. I find myself getting restless this time of year. I get kind of anxious for spring but not wanting to give up the slower pace of winter.

AngelLeah, first of all your dog, Lucky, is a doll. Give him a hug.
Aww ! Thanks. He’s my baby…my son. :slight_smile:

Hi NC Girl,
I know just how you feel, this past holiday weekend, I had a pattern picked out for a basket weave throw for my lounge but didn’t cast on not one stitch. Today it’s raining, so hopefully I can get started.