I have another question about the Knit Picks Florida Bag

Okay, I have another question about this bag. I am past the first color and it looks nice but NOT like the cable in the picture. I did the second color fine which is all seed stitch AND here is my question…the directions say:
Row 14:K
Row 15: *K1,P1: repeat form * to end of row K1
Rows 16-20: repeat row 15 (continuing in seed stitch pattern). I did that and it looks GREAT.

BUT THEN it says for Rows 21-22 K

Everything was perfect until those last to KNIT rows. Since I am knitting in the round my two rows look like stockinette stitch. In in the picture it looks like Garter stitch. So is it ME or are the directions wrong. It should have said PURL next two rows.

See picture here…

Thanks for your help. Don’t give up on me. :wink: I love the process so I’m really not upset by this but just trying to understand how the directions work. :oops:

it isn’t suppose to be knit in the round so if you want it to look like garter stitch you have to knit one row purl one row.

Oh brother…its isn’t suppose :?? to be knit in the round? I didn’t know that. Makes since to knit it in the round and that way I don’t have to seam it on both sides. I did figure that out :oops: the past few hours. So now when they say to K I P and visa versa. Mine is coming out okay. Not exactly like the picture but I’ll post pics of it when I’m done. Thanks ! :XX:

Frankly I wondered why it WASN’T knit in the round! That is probably why you are having some problems though. Apparently you didn’t read through the directions first! :fingerwag:


Jan, I did read thru the directions a few times. :rollseyes: Does it really say do NOT knit in the round?? I read where it says to use circular needles due to the weight of the project. Does that mean “don’t knit in the round” when it’s worded like that? :??

I’m on the last color of my bag, the top part. It looks very pretty and similar to the one in the picture but not exactly. :lol: But I am pleased. I probably will try this again and see how the second one comes out.

well generally when it talks in rows instead of rounds it is knit flat and this one does have the seaming instructions at the end. i did look at it a couple of times too to be certain it really was telling me i had to knit it flat! :rollseyes: i wasn’t thrilled…lol

Well, I figured since it said to seam and never said join that it was knit flat. I was teasing you btw. :wink: