I have an idea. Will it work?

[INDENT]So I want to make a felted mitt-style potholder for my kitchen. A few years ago I made a bath mitt with cotton yarn (you can see it here on the Bernat Website or here on Ravelry).

My idea is to follow the pattern, but using bigger needles (maybe 13s?) and using a double strand of worsted wool (like Cascade 220). I would also make the cuff longer to protect the forearm while reaching for hot stuff in the oven.

Will this work? Will using the bigger needles and bulkier yarn make it large enough for it to felt to a “normal” potholder size or will it be too small?

I’d appreciate any advice or tips. Thanks!

Should work. Why not :knitting: a swatch and felt it to make sure? That way you’d know how much felting to expect.

If you know how much a felted item shrinks then you could figure how big you need to knit the bath mitt to get it to ‘oven mitt’ size.

That sounds like equivalent fractions… (i.e. really hard math). Do I make a swatch, measure it before, then felt it and re-measure? How do I translate that comparison into my knitting?

KnitPicks has a free pattern. Scroll down to the bottom to download.


SWEET!!! So much better than making up my own!! Thanks a million!!

Or just keep a really good eye on it in the washing machine. Check every 5-10 minutes till it’s the size you want.

That could work, too… I’d just have to wash it (for cleanliness later) in cold water… right?