I have an evil twin

I was checking out the info on the Yarn Harlot’s new book. I was very surprised to find my name in the reviews.

Knitting Rules!

I was glad I enjoyed the book until I realized that I don’t live in Grand Haven, MI. :rollseyes:

Wow, that’s kind of freaky there is someone with your name who also KNITS. Maybe you can find others and have a convention of some sorts! LOL

oooooooh and you could create the Laura Barnes Knitting Guild! The only requirements for membership are that you knit and are named Laura Barnes!

How exciting that could be! :rofling:

My son has an evil twin who does all the bad stuff. Who left that mess? Wasn’t me, it was my evil twin. :rollseyes: Now if I could only get the evil twin to publish a knitting book…

feministmama–we have that SAME kid at my house, but a set of triplets: “It wasn’t me”, “Not me”, and “I didn’t do it”! :roflhard: The funny thing is that I am an identical twin in real life, but I have an “evil twin” out there too with my same first and last name, but she’s a bodybuilder…I am about as far away from that as I could be!!! :rofling: