I have an anouncement to make

I can Magic Loop Knit. Please please, the applause are not necessary (I prefer cash) Ooon no, please sit down—you are too much. Yes, yes one day you too can be as advanced as me.

I like to call this faux-skin:

YAY!! Well done :smiley:

You’re an example for all of us wanna-be’s and hopefully I’ll one day be able to say that I’m just as good as Nuno930 :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously: great!!! It’s always a wonderful feeling when you all of a sudden figure out how to do something that you weren’t able to do before. Have fun with all the new thingies you can now start making! :slight_smile:

Grata Nik!!

What are you making that requires magic looping? I don’t even own circs yet, so it’ll be a while before I attempt this :smiley:

Just a hat, but I don’t have any DPN and I am to cheap to buy them :roll:

Can someone please comment on the fact that she named this thing the “faux skin”? It’s bugging me that this seems to have slipped beneath the collective radar.

Woo-hoo! Good job

yeah, like foreskin? Is it another weenie warmer?