I have a wheel

my babe fiber garden st is here! i put it together (very easy!) and tried it out! this is going to take some practice. i was having trouble with the yarn over spinning and not winding on the bobbin. (i wasn’t guiding it i guess…?) after i get all my ebay wool spun, i think i am going to try to make sock yarn out of some LnV roving i stashed. :teehee:

and here is a shot of my ebay fiber. i think i am going to ask my LYS if she does carding. it’s a mess. about a 3 pound mess!

Yay for new wheels!

That Dying arts roving is sooo nice. I got to feel it up a while back when I was at Miss V’s place for Sit and knit. And the color? Beautiful. You will like spinning it up.

With the 3lbs mess, you might want to check your local spinning/weaving guild (if you have one) a lot of them have people who are willing to show you how to use drum carders or hand carders and let you use them for your stuff. If you join some guilds will loan you equipment. Worth a shot if your LYS doesn’t card.

With the Babe, Try strapping that leather strap down as tightly as possible. That is what i finally had to do to get mine to work properly.
Have fun! :hug:

I was having just the same trouble. Set up your wheel and use the leader to get the right tension. If your tension is too tight it will wind on too quickly, and if too loose it won’t wind on quickly enough and may over spin. So sounds like you need to tighten your tension.

Also the thing that really turned the corner with my spinning was pre-drafting a long section of wool, which I then just had to feed through. This got me used to the hand action, and after a while of that I was able to spin direct from the rolag.

Hope this helps! Don’t give up, it is very tricky, but if you persist, all of a sudden it will come to you and be easy. I felt like throwing my wheel across the room a few times, when the yarn kept breaking on me and I had to keep threading the stupid thing! Also if you can get someone else to treadle for you at first, so you can just concentrate on your hands- so many things to do at once!


Some things you might want to try with your wheel before attaching fiber.

  1. Sit and work the treadle. Try to get it going and stopped without using your hands (yes, it’s okay to use your hands to get it going!!). Treadle slow, just enough to keep the wheel going. Treadle fast (this to get you into practice for spinning contests!!)

  2. Tie on some store bought yarn (see Red Heart is good for some thing!!) and treadle, filling the bobbin, changing your hooks. This allows you time to get used to the fiber going through your hands and onto the bobbin and teaches you how to adjust your wheel for quicker or slower take up.

  3. predraft your fiber to the thickness you want to spin. Hold fiber lightly to introduce the spin and spin onto the bobbin.

that ebay fiber … some of it looks like compacted roving or slyvers. Just give it a quick snap (holding hands about 12" apart all the length of the roving) to bring it back to life.

Dog slickers can be used in a pinch to recard it if you have nothing else available. I think the snap & predrafting should work though.

If you have some slyver or roving that doesn’t want to draft from one end, start at the other end. It should draft better.

Most of all, have fun!!!

Another thing you can do, if you have a Lazy Kate for plying, is to ply two different colours of store-bought yarn together. I had my children do this to get used to spinning and it REALLY helped, and you have a novelty yarn to use at the end of it!

What a great idea! I think I’ll add this to my spinning lessons between the spinning on cheap yarn and spinning your first real yarn.

mintdee- O M G seriously?(take a drink :wink: ) you got to sit and knit with LnV? i love their podcast! and they are master dyers …seriously. (take a drink):teehee:

these are great ideas! i’ll remove my bobbin and set it aside for now. i’ve got 2 super saver skeins i can practice with :slight_smile: that’s a great idea for practicing plying too! Thanks for your advice.
the part that guides the wool to the bobbin (wood with little hooks on both sides), should it spin or stay stationary while the bobbin takes up the ply? also, does it matter which side i have the wool guided on? thanks again!

You need to have a bobbin on there to ply, the yarn will wind onto the bobbin, just like spinning. When plying, you spin the wheel in the opposite direction to when you were spinning, just hook it onto the one that makes sense! You’ll get it. I feel strange giving advice when I’m only a couple of weeks into my spinning adventure, but I find sometimes you can teach better when you are learning something because you can still remember all the mistakes you had (are having!)

i have 6 bobbins total (i think) I meant i was going to change the bobbins, so i don’t ‘spin’ the red heart onto my wool :wink:

LOL sorry! Great to have so many bobbins, that’s very useful.

That’s called the flyer. it needs to spin. you’ll notice that it rotates at a different speed than the bobbin.

The flyer is what puts the twist in the fiber and the bobbin is what pulls it through the oriface to wind it on the bobbin.

Are you having fun yet???