I have a stash! And an amazing LYS!

Oh my goodness, I have to tell you all about the most amazing time ever!!

I am leaving for school on Monday, so today was my last Friday afternoon Open Knitting at my awesome LYS. We were all there and knitting and having a good time, and then they were like, Well this is actually your surprise going away party. I was like What???

But oh my goodness, you guys!!! They had some cupcakes and cookies there, and the most.amazing.yarn.gift.basket.ever.in.the.world. You just wouldn’t believe it!!! A lot of the ladies couldn’t make it today, but they sent all this with their love and best wishes. They had all of the knitters donate some stuff, whatever they wanted, to a going-away gift basket for me, as a gift for me going away to college (it’s my third year, but I didn’t start knitting until this year, so I never was in a knitting group until this summer)! And it has EVERYTHING! I mean, you can’t see it all in this picture because it’s a deep basket.

Here’s the stats of what all they gave me:

Sizes 8 and 10 super long straight metal needles
Size 13 fancy wooden straight needles
Size 13 plastic straight needles
Sizes 6, 7, 7, and 10 in dpns (plastic or metal)
Two packages of yarn bobbins
The Knitter’s Companion book
A little homemade book
One skein Sugar 'n Cream Cotton
One skein Noro Transitions
One skein Crystal Palace Taos wool
One skein Mountain Colors Bearfoot sock yarn
Two skeins hand-spun, hand-dyed yarn (by one of the ladies in the group)
One skein Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool
SEVEN skeins Trendsetter Yarns Yosemite
One skein Kraemer Yarns Naturally Nazareth wool
One skein Patons Canadiana yarn
Two skeins Kitty novelty yarn
Two ends of skeins of Noro Kureyon
One skein Cascade 220
One skein some kind of purple wool
One skein some kind of green wool
Five skeins Katia Spray yarn

There’s a ton of yarn you can’t see because there are like three layers of it, but they said they wanted to get me a good stash going! And the catch? I have to use the yarn on myself (or at least most of it)!!! haha They were like, We don’t know your friends. We didn’t buy this yarn for them! If they want you to make something, they can buy their own yarn. :roflhard:

It’s just so sweet that everyone at the store contributed stuff for me, and they all signed this card with sweet stuff. It’s just good to know that even though I only knit with them for this summer, that I made an impact and helped spread some enthusiasm for knitting. What a sweet group of friends!!! (lol They like me, they really like me!) I’m just so happy! Check it out:

The goods! lol It was like Oh no, I couldn’t possibly take all this (as I’m grabbing it and holding it in my clutches)

From left to right, Ms. Claudia, Holly (Knitting Teacher Extraordinaire…honestly!), Me, and Ms. Joyce

Me with Ms. Carol

That is so sweet!! You must have really made an impression on them this summer. Looks like you’ll be missed.:heart:

:open_mouth: That is so sweet! You’re a very lucky girl… I’d look at all that and be like… Hello bags… I’m such a sucker for bags… lol

Lucky lucky lucky girl :slight_smile:

Knitters are a kind and thoughtful bunch! Hopefully you’ll be able to spend some time knitting when you’re at school.


Oh my goodness that is just the sweetest thing! How wonderful and special you must feel cloud9 What a great group of women to do something so nice for you :woohoo:
I always enjoy reading your posts and your enthusiasm - you are obviously as much fun in person too!

Have fun planning the projects and knitting it all up - and have a great semester at school talking all your friends into trying knitting too! (But don’t forget to study once in a while!)

That is awesome, Rachel! They sound like a wonderful group of knitters!

Where do you go to school?

If you are half as sweet in person as you are here in this fourm, I know that you will bw missed. You deserved everything that you received. :grphug:

Kewl! Very generous of them and now you get to try out all sorts of goodies to see what they’re like.

How awesome!

and I have to tell you that I love to see you calling each of them “Ms.” All of our children (I’m only 32) always address anyone older than them (anyone approx 16 yrs and up) as Ms. and Mr. and that person’s first name. Sometimes we’ll have them use the person’s last name depending on age. It’s just a respect and honor thing that I was brought up with . anyway rambling but had to tell you that I love seeing you address other ladies that are special to you and who you’ve learned from as Ms.

Enjoy your 3rd year at college and all of your wonderful new stash!

WOW, You are a lucky girl to have such nice friends AND they knit too:woot:What more could anymore could a girl ask for. You are a angel.Good luck in college :woohoo:

OMG!! How thoughtful and sweet. You are one lucky little lady! jealous

Congratulations! :cheering:

Oh how wonderful :cheering: I’d have been in tears so well done.
I hope you enjoy using your goodies, post piccies of finished items.

How absolutely delightful! Not only is the basket lovely and so crammed full of goodies, but the best part is the warm feelings it will evoke each time you look at it or use the yarn from it. College is great, but stressful at times. I think knitting will be a wonderul way to de-stress. I wish I had been knitting when I was at that age and in school. It would certainly have been a much better coping mechanism than what I did to de-stress with my class mate! It had something to do with condoms used as water balloons. :noway: Best of luck to you!!

That is so sweet! It just shows what an important part you play in that group. :heart:

Wow! That is just the sweetest thing!! :cheering: How great you met such amazing women.

yay for you rachel! what a sweet thing they did for you! i would have cried ! :lol: i am such a baby sometimes! (is that enough exclamation points ? ;))
i can’t wait to see what you knit with it all :yay:

Your a very lucky girl!! :woot::woot::woot::woot::woot::woot: and do as they say. use that lovely stash for you!!! and try to make a new knitting circle there. good luck this year at school.

That is a wonderful send off to start your junior year. When things get hectic and stressful, you will be able to look at that basket and remember your friends and your summer of knitting. :woot:

Wow you are one lucky girl Rachel, how wonderful of all the Misses to give you such a lovely going away pressie and when you go back next summer when school is over, you can show them all what you made with your stash!
By the way, where is this shop? Because I want to go meet these ladies and tell them I am going to school too, so that I can get a stash like you got, j/k lol.