I have a serious problem

I read a headline that said the US House dropped the Alaskan oil drilling plan from a bill it’s considering. The accompanying photo was of a herd of Musk Ox grazing in the ANWR, which is the main area where drilling was proposed. WHat did I think? Yay for the environment? NO. It was “My God, think of all that Quiviut!” I think I need to go protest at a weapons silo to get my priorities back in line. :lol:

Your priorities are FINE…you can be happy for the quvuit AND the environment!! I SURE AM!!! :cheering: YAYYY HOUSE OF REPS! :cheering:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I hadn’t heard about this yet! Yay! Score one for the environment!

(Do you happen to have a link to an article about this? I can’t find it on the news sites I read.)

Yeah they dropped it because they didn’t think they’d get thier budget bill passed with that stuck in amongst all the other crap thats in there …

But like the news said, they aren’t going to approve it unless it can go through senate by itself… stand on it’s own merits rather than get pushed up with some budget bill…

Sometimes I hate politics… ugggh

Here’s a link, but there aren’t any musk ox pics with this version :frowning: :