I have a serious addiction

In addition to being a “yarnoholic” I am also a “patternoholic”! :eyebrow:

[color=darkblue]Here is an ANTIDOTE:[/color]
Frequently get out your patterns and browse through them.
Frequently view your yarn stash.

The visual connection will re-kindle your :heart: love for them, and you will be more apt to use them! You will remember why you loved them in the first place!
I can just hear my yarn stash yelling from inside my yarn trunk: "Hey lady, what about us?! :cheering: When do we get outa here?! Hey, out there! Is anyone listening???!!! :shrug: "

actually I need a new box of those plastic page sleeves for my pattern book
and I cannot find a ball of misy Alpaca chunky i bought to make my Brother a hat with, I made the flaps for the ears, and need to knit the rest now
but cannot find the ball of yarn i bought SO long ago

the worst part is his birthday was YESTERDAY and its not ready yet, maybe for Imbolc
we shall see


Those of you WITHOUT a stash… go to the buy/trade/swap site on KH and see what bargains you can find from one yarn lover to another~~ :?? :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: