I have a serious addiction

Ok, so this weekend I decided, “I will tackle my stash”. Up until this point it has been stored in bags in my extra bedroom. Covering the entire floor, sofa bed, closet, etc. basically I had a path to the computer.

Well I was SURE that my yarn would fit in the 3 LARGE plastic stackable drawers that I bought. I’m 5’2" and the drawers come up to my chest. Lo and behold, I was able to fit my wool in the drawers. JUST my wool, that’s it. My extra bedroom still is full to the gills of yarn in bags, it’s everywhere.

I could fill up at least 6 more drawers and still have yarn left. On top of it all, I want to buy more. In fact I have somemore coming to my house from ebay.

I have a PROBLEM.

Hi, my name is Elisa and I’m a yarnoholic! :shrug:

lol yeah you are going to get help with that addiction here. I actually went through mine not too long ago and got rid of stuff i knew i was never going to use. Donated to a group that makes afghans for vets and children. do you have any of that which you can get rid of?

:waving: Hi Elisa!

Don’t expect any help here. We are only enablers. :teehee:

:oops: I have too much yarn too! It bothers me but I still buy more! :teehee:

I did what Brenda did and sorted all my yarn to find the stuff I’d never use - when I sell it I’ll have money to buy even more yarn! :cheering:

Don’t expect any help here. We are only enablers.

You know, I think subconciously that is why I posted here. My friends think I crazy, my mom thinks I’m insane (but really simpathizes because she has a book stash), of course I have a book stash problem too. :wall:

I think I just wanted to hear/read “it’s ok to buy more yarn, we all do it, there is nothing wrong with your addiction. It’s healthy, really.”

do you have any of that which you can get rid of?

I’ve been teaching my neighbor to knit, and she doesn’t have a ton of $, so I’ve been slowly de-stashing. However, even the stuff I know I will never knit with I kinda have an attachment to. It’s the yarn I bought when I was teaching myself to knit. I am slowly giving it to her, but it’s hard. I’m pathetic. :shrug:

[size=2]I wish I had too much yarn.[/size] :verysad:

Check with your local schools to see if they have a knitting group. At the school I teach at, we used to…but ran out of yarn. Since we were a group that wasn’t supported financially by the school, we strictly relied on donations. Sadly, our group is not active this year due to scheduling difficulties, but do check with your local school. You’d be amazed how many kids WANT to learn how to knit.

Then you are one of us. :roflhard:

Oh come now! Yarn hoarding is not a serious addiction. Drug abuse – that would be serious. Or gambling. Over-eating, even. As much as I hate to admit it, what we have is more of a frivolous addiction. It’s relatively harmless unless you spend so much on yarn that you can’t pay the rent, in which case you probably have other problems too so don’t blame it on the yarn (yarn is so well-meaning and innocent and would never, ever intentionally hurt you :teehee:). Anyway, what’s wrong with being a bit indulgent? If it weren’t yarn, it’d probably be something else. At least yarn is practical, right? Viva la yarn! :cheering:

You’re right about that.

This kind of addiction doesn’t isn’t necessarily that bad. Just make sure you’ve got a dealer that you can trust to give you the real stuff… and always use clean needles.


Me two. Mine fits in a knittingbag :pout:

Lieke wrote:

Mine fits in a knittingbag

Well mine fits in about 10… but i still don’t have enough :oops:

[size=2]i wish i could figure out how to ‘quote’ like everyone else… i just wanna be one of the crowd :pout: [/size]

Just click on the “quote” button at the top right of the post you want to quote.

I was going through my stash last too. I finished all of my holiday knitting but one of my friends fell in love with a shrug I made for another friend and I thought I would suprise her with one. I have bags of yarn! But the more I went throgh it I kept saying to myself - why the heck did I buy this? What was I thinking???

It’s funny how my tastes have changed so much lately - I used to love the funky yarns and now all I want to knit it are natural fibers and I just want to get rid of all this stuff I have in bags just sitting there and taking up space.

Do you guys find that your tastes have changed too and stuff that you thought was just too cool is of no interest now?


I don’t see what the problem is :?? You sound pretty normal to me. Of course my DH says that I have the same addiction. So maybe I’m just in denial. Oh well, these rose colored glasses sure make things look nice :teehee:


Nadja xxx

Um, you sounds as if that’s a bad thing? :shrug:


i dont really have that much yarn, but my mom and sis try to make me feel all guilty about it (i have 2 dresser drawers full–not 2 chests of drawers mind u. just two drawers). last time i was at the store i tried to get 2 skeins of yarn, but they we like “OHHHHHH NO. get ONE. you have a ton of yarn already!”

:roll: whatever. they dont get it.

:muah: Ok, I am feeling a bit better. Although, my boyfriend (who lives 9 hours away from me) came to visit the other day, and walked into my extra bedroom to use the computer…well he opened the door with the intention of walking in…saw the bags and bags, and bags, and baskets, and drawers of yarn. I heard him “hrumph” then he yelled out. “What the h*ll does anyone need this much yarn for? You’ll never be able to use this…OMG!!!” :oops:

I then reminded him that he can’t pass a record store (not CD, that’s right, record, some of you will remember them) without going in and coming out quite a bit poorer. I just told him that his ‘addiction’ is skinny and flat, and mine isn’t. I offered to count my skeins and count his records and see who has the most. He :pout: politely declined, and didn’t mention my yarn again.