I have a question on the Fiber Trend Clogs

I just knit an outer sole and want to join it on the bottom of the clog as a “bumper”. When I join it on is the clog suppose to be right side out? Where is says “Place outer sole over outside of slipper sole” thats the slipper with the right side out… right? :shrug:

I thought a sole would be a whole portion of the bottom of the slipper and not just the “trim” around the bottom.

I have another question. :wall: Some people who post their pictures of their completed clogs show a different color yarn in the INSIDE sole of the clog. Did they just do that on their own or am I missing something in the directions?? :oops:

Thanks so much for any help. :muah:

Hi Quiltlady,

When you go at attach the second sole, the slipper will be correct side out. You will be joining the inner sole ( which is the first one you knitted that has the slipper upper attached to it) and the outer sole together with a " 3 needle bindoff", even though if you’re going to add the bumber you don’t actually bind off yet.

As for as the inner sole being a different color from the outer sole, that’s just personal preference (or maybe being a little short on the yardage needed for the sole). You can get really creative on the color combinations. I’ve done multicolor uppers by using two different color yarns for the upper, and a third color for the cuff. The outer and inner soles can be different colors, too. I’ve even knit a “racing stripe” down the center of the upper. :cheering:

You could knit a rainbow clog if you wanted!!! :rofl:

In the KnitAlong section of the forum there are two threads about the Fiber Trends Clogs with all knids of ideas!

Happy Clogging :cheering: :happydance: :cheering: :happydance: