I have a question about a chart

I want to knit this:


and have done one stranding project, the Fake Fair Isle hat, but on this chart, I don’t understand how to do the color change. Do you start with the black, then add the white and then…what? I think I’m kind of confused.

That would have to be done in intarsia. You’d have a strand of black, switch to white and work those stitches, and then have another strand of black on the other edge.

When you did the eyes, for example, you’d have a separate strand of black for each of them, as well as 3 strands of white for before, between and after.

This is a good site for an overview of intarsia:


[COLOR=Black]Thank you Ingrid. I read that and this part,

[/COLOR][FONT=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif][COLOR=#468d72][B][COLOR=Black]Do not stretch the yarn across the back of the knitting. I have a 3 stitch rule. If the color is needed more than 3 stitches across or up…I add a new strand. .

Would I have to add a new strand at each color change? That’s a lot of ends! Or am I really clueless and not understanding?[/COLOR]


Yep. In order for the knitting to lie flat, you should change colors frequently. You could, for example, strand the teeth, but for any solid block, you need to change strands. If you try to strand across the back on some parts, they tend to look thicker than the rest–because that section IS two strands thick.

There [I]are[/I] a lot of ends to weave in, but if you weave them in along the edge of the color change, it’s not too much of a pain.

Just think of what a cool sweater that would be!:thumbsup: