I have a problem

How do you all get any knitting done?! :thinking: I try to knit and then am drawn back to the internet to do hours of browsing knitting sites; printing patterns; looking at the videos on this site; ordering things…(I just ordered baby bobbi bear from knittingbag and it should arrive TOMORROW or WEDNESDAY! YAAA).

I wish i could figure out a way to knit and surf the net at the same time.



I agree…I want a voice activation thingy where I talk and it types for me :slight_smile:

I, too, suffer from the same problem. And then there is the 3 yr old, this pregnancy, work, the house to clean, the dog who must sit on my lap, the state board on which I’m a director…

I was just thinking earlier that I get nothing done lately…and when I have a moment (like now–dh is coloring w/ dd in her room)…I’m too tired to knit.

:roflhard: You are not alone! I tend to knit at night more myself. :wink:

haha…maybe you need voice recognition software so you can “type” and knit at the same time…I use to tease Ingy about that…I’ve come to the conclusion that she just never sleeps :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m often knitting sitting at the computer…My “current projects” boxes are sitting right nex to me here…

I keep a project beside my computer desk. I find opportunities when my antivirus program or Microsoft updates components along with other little breaks between surfing. Also, knit at night - especially from around 9 (after doggies have had their cooky time) til 12:30 AM or so.

My problem is that I only have two pairs of needles right now, so I can’t knit much of anything, and I end up not being able to sleep because of all the things I have stuck in my head that I want to knit.

I go back and forth. I generally only come here on the computer, so I don’t get sucked into all kinds of searches or reading of lots of blogs out there.
When I’ve been through all the new posts I go back and knit. When I need a little break from that, I come back here.

I find myself buying more than knitting. My hubby said my first pair of knitted socks cost 500 bucks, then each additional finished project splits the prices in half, so now a pair of socks cost $250, a scarf costs $250. Now I am on a hat, so once it’s done, each piece will be $167 and so on…; but I am not done shopping yet :roflhard:

I have the same problem… Sometimes I could spend HOURS looking through patterns and not even realise it. :frowning:

I usually knit after midnight because I’m usually relaxed at that time.

:cheering: Well I am sure glad I am NOT the only one!
skNYC said “…but I am not done shopping yet”. Boy cay I relate there.
Hobby Lobby had a sale. DD and I bought out the store I think.

Of course I work 40 hrs per week so can’t knit then. Work just interferes with my hobbies! :roflhard:

Good night all. Happy knitting

And have a happy and save Fourth of July holiday.


I had the internet problem and now I have the World of Warcraft problem… so now it’s knitting during tv time, since I can knit and spend time with dh too!

I tend to also spend too much time on the computer (like now!) than on my knitting. Not to mention that we are getting ready to put our house up for sale so we are trying to pack as much stuff as possible and finish up all the projects that, well that we never finished! And then there is the general cleaning, 3 small kids, the cat and the dog and the husband! I hate it when life gets in the way of me knitting… :doh:

I usually have to study a lot, so there won’t be any knitting while I’m studying. But with this schoolyear almost finished, only 1 more exam to learn, I have a lot more time to knit. But I find myself usually on the internet for hours. I have one project next to my pc, so I can knit while talking on MSN. Other things won’t combine with knitting. But now I’m finishing a vest (changed it with thanx to ladybug lady ;)) for my boyfriend. His birthday is next wednesday, so I want it finished then, so I can give it to him that day. If I won’t make it on wednesday, I can give it on his party next saterday, but there is a lot of knitting to do the next couple of days. When I’m finishing something, I knit a lot more than usual.

Waistcoat will probably make sense in European English, but in American English we use the word vest. Most of us wouldn’t know the word unless we’ve read it in old romance novels. :slight_smile:

When I’m finishing something, I knit a lot more than usual.

Don’t we all. It’s like being a distance runner who speeds up as the finish line is in sight. Unfortunately, I tend to mess up when I get the end of project excitement.

Waistcoat will probably make sense in European English, but in American English we use the word vest. Most of us wouldn’t know the word unless we’ve read it in old romance novels. :)[/quote]

thanx for the information. I’ve learnd european english, so that would explain my mistake.

unfortunately the vest isn’t finished in time. My boyfriend’s birthday was yesterday and I’m not finished yet. but I’ll work really hard to finish it next saterday, when his party is. I have to make it :wink:

People who have knitters in their lives come to understand about gifts that arrive in their own sweet time! They usually appreciate the extension of their birthday, and they get to show off all that gorgeous handwork!

“Look what she made for me, isn’t it amazing!”

Ladies, we truly need to get AidanM some more knitting needles so he can sleep nights!!! :smiley: Poor guy is hooked and dreamknitting! samm