I have a ? pretaining to lace pattern # and # of stitches on

Hi everyone!

I’m attempting to knit a pair of socks and me being a newbie at this I have a question that I hope perhaps maybe someone might be able to answer.

Now me with my inexperience think that the pattern is wrong. :teehee:
But of course it cannot be.

Anyway, first it is a sock pattern. It is saying to cast on 70 stitches. However, the lace pattern is in repeats of four (4). They even show a chart of 4 stiches. This means I have 2 stiches left over.

It also states to work on dpns and I would not be able to get an even amount of stitches on each needle.

What do you do in cases such as this?

Thanks so much for your help.

Patty in Indy

Do you have a link to the pattern???

You’re right that that stitch count does not work evenly. Either there’s a mistake or there is something in the pattern that you’re missing?

As for dividing the stitches evenly on the dpns. They don’t have to be divided perfectly evenly as long as you know where your beginning of round is. In the case of a lace pattern where there are definite pattern repeats, in this case it’s a 4 stitch repeat, divide the stitches onto the dpns in multiples of 4 so that each lace pattern starts and finishes on the same needle.

But, we need to get that stitch count thing figured out first! Any additional info you could share?

Patty…if its 70 cast on for socks…it should be in fingering weight which will fit on DPN’s. If it seems like too many stitches, you may want to use 5 needles, 4 with 17 sts each and your working needle. As far as the lace pattern, that would seem to be wrong…do you have a link to the pattern by any chance? If not it might help if you post the first repeat of the pattern so we can check it out.

Here is the first repeat of the pattern:





Does this help?

Is that all on the same round?? I’m not seeing the 4 stitch pattern repeat. Except for the last line that you typed, all of the other sequences are 5 stitches each.

Oh, I forgot to tell you this is the Central Air sock pattern from the Socks That Rock KAL. I just received it today.

I thought maybe I could just change the cast on to 72. :??


Well, dah I think you are right! :oops:

I think I might need mental help instead of knitting help.

I am so sorry!


Thank you so much for your time and help on this NO problem of mine.

You know when you have one of those days and it just moves over into your knitting?

I do appreciate you being here for me. :muah:



No problem!! Ask back if you run into troubles.