I have a new knitting group

:woohoo: :woot: :cheering: :yay: :happydance: :woohoo:
My LYS that held knitting nights closed a little over a year ago and I have been suffering form withdrawal. Then a new LYS opened and I have been itching for her to start a knitting night. Everytime I would stop in I would say…have you had anyone else interested in a knitting night? Well it finally got started and I was soooo happy. We actually all got chatting and staying an hour later than we were suppossed to !

That is so awesome. I am jealous:mrgreen: My nearest LYS is about a 45 min. drive. I visit them as often as I can but haven’t been to the monthy knitting group.

After reading a couple of fiction novels about knitting groups I really want to be a part of one. I have even considered putting an add in the local newspaper trying to get a group started.

Congratulations on your new group.

Vicky, there’s a Monday Night Stitch & Bitch that meets at Art Six Coffee House in Denton. They also have a group on Ravelry. Maybe someone in that group lives near you and would want to help you start one in Decatur.

:yay: Nice!

The fate of my LYS is hanging in the balance, too. All of us knitters at Knit Night have decided to continue it ourselves elsewhere if we have to. The store is closed Friday night this week so we are going to Starbucks to knit instead. :thumbsup:

Our LYS closed down about 19 months ago. We were all so upset :cry:cause majority of us had just found that store & the Thursday night Knit Night. We decided then that we couldn’t let it go so we went up the street to a coffee house on Monday nights. Had to move out of there, got tooo large for it, and into a local church. Kept it going until this last week when the person coordinating it had had enough & decided she didn’t want to keep it going. Now we are at a loss for a group. :waah:

I don’t know what a lot of the ladies are doing but due to my schedule lately & a friend’s schedule with classes at night we had started meeting just the two of us at a Barnes & Noble. I guess we will continue that until we find another group to join or start ourselves. There is another LYS close by to us but we haven’t heard positive things about it so a litte cautious about going up there & trying their knit night. Guess we will never find out about those comments being true or not unless we try. Hmmm, :think: I am thinking a field trip is due here.

Hope your group & LYS work out for you I know that many are struggling right now.

Lucky you!!!

I, too, live in the boonies and don’t have a LYS. I sure wish I could find a group to join!!

Have fun for me too :cool:

I am starting a Knitters Day out on a Monday soon.
We are doing it from 11-1 pm sorta a brunch kind of thing.


i live in a large city and would also like to have a knitting group where i work in a small cafe i also listen to audio books friday night knitting club blossom street stories what ever i can get my hands on i am also the md. le farge of my friends

Let me know when and where, as I have Mondays off and might like to join your group. It sounds like fun…Pat