I have a little girl to knit for!

My BIL & SIL are in China and they got their little girl yesterday :muah: . She will be 1 yo next month. There are so many little girly things to choose from I don’t know where to start. Now I just need some $$ to buy some yarn :roll: .

oooh YEAH for another baby finding someone to love them forevah! That is so exciting!!

and goooooood knitting too! :wink: :heart:

Ack! How exciting! Congrats to all!!

Miss Dashwood is wonderfully girly… :inlove:

and oh! oh! have you felt “Oh My!” yarn from plymouth? its seriously the softest yarn ever. i cant believe how soft


im in love with it. such good baby colors too!

:cheering: thats wonderful!! I agree there are so many little girl items… I love to knit for my little one…

Congratulations! Little girls are fun to knit for. I love knitting for my granddaughter.

Mama Bear

:muah: CONGRATULATIONS!!! :muah:
Oh, I think that the “Oh My!” yarn will be great, too!

Ohhhhh, mine is now 13(not so little, but still loads of stuff to choose from)

Congrats to you & yours, a girlfriend of mine has now adopted two from China…beauties :muah:

Rhy :heart:

That’s so cool! I wish someone in MY family would have a baby!! :wall:

My friend just found out she is having a girl yesterday… So I’m excited about having a wee lass to knit for too! :cheering: Now I just have to decide where to begin! and also how to afford the yarn… :verysad: