I have a knitting problem. :\

I have tried a bigger cord and a shorter cord. Yet I consistently have the same problem - My knitting does not slide along the cord as I wish it to. This makes circular knitting a little troublesome as I continue to have to pull the work along, bunching it up on the left so that I have enough stitches there to push the nearest ones to the tip. It’s troublesome and irritating, and I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to help my work move along. I have a Denise set. This wasn’t a problem when I was doing a hat, because it wasn’t very many stitches. But this sweater is trying my patience. :?

That was my biggest complaint when I got my Denise set. Now that I’ve had them for awhile as well as a few Addis I think it’s pretty much the nature of the beast. I do find some yarns slide better than others though, too. I don’t know the answer so hopefully someone else does.

OH and my other big complaint is the 17 in for hats. I don’t like it. It’s fine for adult hats, but it’s pretty hard for the little ones. :rollseyes:

I usually magic loop for smaller hats. But that’s off-topic. >_>

It’s like the curves caused by storage stay in the cords and the yarn gets bunched up behind them - The more curves, the worse it gets. It’s particularly bad as it’s coming up to the left hand needle.

Oh I see what you are saying. Well, I don’t know if that’s it or not, but it could be part of it I guess. :thinking:

I think the Denise cords are a bit draggy. I just finished my first project knitting in the round with them, and I had more problems with the dragging than I ever have with my Addis. (I do like the pointiness though!)

I only use the Addis, and with most yarns I don’t find I have to fight the stitches, but do have to unbunch them occasionally and move them around. I’ve found that the problem is worse when my cord is a bit shorter than it should be. Too long is an obvious problem, but too short causes a lot of bunching.

With the sweater I’m working now, I find that after I knit for a while I have to push everything around. So part of it is the nature of the beast. If your cord has a mind of it’s own, it just makes it worse.

I have the same problems w/ the Denise cables, Aidan … I like my Denises, but with regular wool or acrylic, it does seem to move along better on the Needlemaster cable, as stiff as it is. :rollingeyes:

(I’m wishing for a set of those new Knitpicks needles! :inlove: )

Has anyone with the new options set experiences this problem?

I have this problem, too, and I still notice it with the Options needles, but it doesn’t seem as bad. Or I guess I should say that it’s easier to push them along with the Options than it is with the Denise set.

I’m using my size 6 denise for a baby sweater and am finding the stitches bunch up at the join. Maybe I’m knitting too tightly, but I have to push them over the join sometimes with a bit of difficulty. I don’t remember having that problem previously.