I have...a hole!

I’m working on a scarf, and just noticed there’s a hole in one of my first couple rows. It’s not unraveling or anything, it’s just an empty space, as if there should be a stitch there. What should I do?

As long as you’re sure it’s not going to unravel, you can just give it a little stitch closed when you’re done. Or now if it bothers you. Just kind of tie it closed with the same yarn. You’ll be the only one who knows. :wink:

Thanks Ingrid, you ROCK! :cheering:

i found a hole in my shawl too!! glad i came by here, cause now i can fix it without unraveling… which i had no plan on doing! its for Grandma… she won’t mind a hole or 2… shes just happy to get something made with :heart: !!!