I have a HOLE! How did I do that?

Hi everyone! I have a quick question. I am knitting a baby sweater in stockinette, very easy, but I managed to make a hole. How’d I do that? And, how can I fix it??? :wall: (BTW, I love that icon!!!) :roflhard:

follow the work down…do you see a loop that looks dropped?

if not i would guess there is probably a yarn over in the area.

My you are so smart!!! :notworthy: That is exactly it. So…next question…how can I fix it?? :shrug:

well i am not sure which one it is but i will take the smart comment and run with it…lol. if it is the dropped stitch it is supah easy…get out a crochet hook, go here, and scroll down a smidge to the fixing mistakes videos. there is one there for dropped stitches that is great!

Ha…sorry…its a yarn over, not a dropped stitch and I didn’t see how I could fix that from the videos… :shrug: :wall:

i think you can still do it sort of the same way …at least i feel like i have…i think. :?? someone way smarter than me would have a better suggestion i am sure.

You can let the stitch after the hole run down to where the yo is, take the yo off the needle and the work back up with a crochet hook.

Won’t that leave the area around the removed yarn over a little looser than the rest, Ingrid?

There will probably be a loose stitch there, but I’d bet it would even out with a bit of tugging and blocking. It will be less noticeable than a yo hole, though.

Thanks for all of your suggestions!!! Where would I be without you??? :cheering: