I HAVE A FO! Jigsaw Socks!

i’m so excited because i NEVER have FO’s! :woot:
i finished my jigsaw socks!!

here they are! i made them with Jitterbug yarn. SO pretty! i love them!

and yes, i’m really that pale…it’s not just the light…:aww:

hooray! :woohoo:

Nice job! I love the color! It feels great to post a FO, doesn’t it?

How cute are those?! I haven’t tried making socks yet. Great Job!!:thumbsup:

Cute socks! Good job!

So pretty! :thumbsup:

Great Job!!! Beautiful colors too.

Very pretty! I love those colors, and the pattern is great. I’ve never seen it before. Thanks for posting.

Those are really cool and I love the colors.

Awesome socks:cheering: Beautiful colorway!

Those are beautiful! Love the colourway!

Very pretty! :smiley:

socks! yum!

Great socks!! I love that color of yarn :happydance:

Very nice! Great Color!!!:cheering:

Those look great! I love that colorway!!!

Wow those are great well done…I have also knitted with Jitterbug its fab!!!

Congratulations of your finished project! Those are lovely.

Great colors and cute socks.

Those are neat!

Isn’t there something so satisfying about having a FO? And it’s so fun to share them!

Great job!!

Mama Bear