I have a dirty little knitting secret

I am so bummed because I’m going to have to completely re-learn how I knit!

Yes, I have a dirty little secret. It is this : when I knit, I do it all funky. I hold the yarn in my left hand, REST THE LEFT KNITTING NEEDLE AGAINST MY STOMACH, and wrap the yarn with my left hand.

I actually HAVE to rest the knitting needle on my body, or I can’t knit! (because I let go of the left needle while wrapping the yarn)

Isn’t that terrible? Sigh. I can’t possibly knit in the round that way!

So, I have to COMPLETELY re-learn my technique… what a bummer!

I’m sure it will make my knitting faster in the long run though.

Any tips for me on re-learning? I have just started from scratch and follow Amy’s continental video over and over again.

You can totally knit in the round that way if you’re careful!
I frequently end up resting the needle on my stomach, even when using double pointeds in the round…or circulars, for that matter. :shock:

If you’re used to left handed work, try the continental style.


Oh, I sooooooooo used to knit that way! So don’t worry about your little secret :smiley:

I too decided to re-learn how to knit - my tension was way too tight, and I was pretty close to impaling myself with my needle. I watched Amy’s videos over and over, and then just started practicing. I had a year and a half of bad knitting habits to unprogram. So you can do it. Your hands will cramp like crazy at first, but before you know it, you’ll wonder how you ever knitted any other way. Purling on the other hand…that took longer to force myself to switch, but I’ve finally got the hang of that too. If you still can’t break yourself of this habit, try English style - I found that I liked it much better than I thought I would!

I’m sitting here laughing at serious risk of impalement!!! You see, I knit the same way {and yes I still manage to work with circs!}, and I paused half-way through one of the needles of the sock I just cast on… so the other point of the dpn is ready to stab me in the stomach at a moments notice. :roflhard:
Anyway, I think the reason I can still manage to use circs is because if I’m using a short one, it will sorta stay up on its own with just my right hand holding it. When I’m using larger ones, I modify the way I hold it slightly, still kinda using my stomach or leg to rest it against. With the hat I’m doing, the work is kinda stiff, and the needle is shorter, so it holds itself up!

I actually think knitting in the round on something like a booga bag would be just the thing. Although I still knit mostly English, I taught myself Continental doing the bag. The repetition was great. One knit stitch after another after another. Before I knew it I wasn’t even thinking about it. Good Luck :thumbsup:

I’ve always knit continental, and I actually HAVE to knit the way you’re saying you’re knitting, due to my Carpal tunnel. My fingertips get tingly and numb sometimes, so I can’t always grab my needles and yarn to knit correctly. As long as the yarn gets around the needle, it’s all good. :smiley:

If it works for you, why change it? I’m managing pretty well, even when resting my needles(been working nonstop on DPN, which, actually, I enjoy alot!), and I can work in circulars just fine. :slight_smile: There are also times where my needles will be flying!
I guess it’s just up to what suits you.

I actually hold the needle, and I take my finger and just bring the yarn around the needle. I don’t knit or crochet like anyone else. I did try to knit like Amy in her video’s, but it just felt really uncomfortable. My knitting is fine, not to loose and not to tight.

I actually thought that I was the only one doing this :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s nice to know I’m not alone :slight_smile:

Seen them knitting at my LYS that way and I do that from time to time, nothing wrong with it, the outcome is all that matters.

I just remembered something my best friend told me. She works with a bunch of ladies in a nursing home that knit and crochet blankets for babies at Toronto’s Sick Kids… one of them knits while holding her needle in her armpit!! :roflhard: She can’t knit a stitch otherwise! :XX:

I think the author of SNB sticks her needle in her armpit too. Go with what works!

Wow! It’s so nice to hear that other people have sort of nontraditional ways of knitting too!!

I practice a while yesterday using the right way… I was actually able to knit a few stitches. I think if I can get the hang of it, it will be easier on my hands than the method I’m using (less movement).

Thanks for all of the nice comments! :slight_smile:

shoot…not too long ago I saw a great picture when I was looking for some info on shetland lace. You technique really isn’t all the far off a style where one uses a knittng belt to hold one end of the needle. Probably a lot easier on your stomach! :roflhard: I seem to remember holding the left needle against my body quite a bit before I switched to knitting with circulars all the time. As long as the end result is what you want…who cares how you get there, right? :thumbsup: